Now Available – Little Spaces: Pirate Ships!

Ahoy matey! It’s time to walk the plank and end up in Davey Jones’ Locker!

Whether your characters have been landlubber all their lives or were born at sea and get ill when they touch dry land, it’s hard to fathom a campaign (whether fantasy, modern, or futuristic) without at least the possibility of pirates! And when your adventuring party deals with such piracy, whether in port or far out to sea, it’s good to have some resources to help you come up with a few encounters, descriptions, or even characters to keep them busy!

Little-Spaces-Pirate-Ships-coverThat’s where Little Spaces: Pirate Ships comes in. This is a 5-page (3 pages of content) PDF that provides a collection of random tables to inspire your muse to all sorts of piratey behavior. A collection of seven tables and two different methods for getting your creative juices flowing will have you talking like a pirate in no time. Need more inspiration? There’s a page-long list of movies, books, and resources to help you out!

Storytellers, GMs, and DMs will find the following system-neutral ideas ripe for plunder:

  • Use four of the tables to blow together encounters and descriptions using the Moebius 5-senses system to hone your muse to a knife edge (it’s a great knife to keep in your boot)…  Pick a sense (or two or three), choose a descriptive element (such as the rigging, the crew, or the Crow’s Nest), pick a flavor or tone for the description (positive, neutral, or negative), and then roll as many descriptors as you need for your senses (you have 50 to choose from, including Barnacle-covered, Splintered, Belching, and Stormy).
  • Or use four of the tables another way to plot a course for more focused encounters… Pick a place (such as the Shore, Port, or Open Sea), choose an event (such as Looting, Selling loot, or Swashbuckling), , pick a flavor or tone for the encounter (positive, neutral, or negative), and then use the descriptors list again to prime the pump of your subconscious for ideas.
  • And if that’s not enough, use the full page of pirate films, television, books, history, and other online resources should inspire your imagination in no time!

So shiver your timbers, raise the Jolly Roger, and set sail for uncharted portions of your creative self!

Now available at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow as well as the Paizo and d20pfsrd stores for $1.00!

(And for a limited time, get the Little Spaces: Shipwrecks product for 1/2 off! Offer only good through October 7, 2014 at DTRPG!)

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