No Planning Challenge, Part 2

To challenge yourself is a good thing. Especially if it is for a no planning challenge!

As you saw in the last post, I set a challenge for myself: To not prep at all, with only the pages I had written in my world of Kavallor Almanac to go by!

When we left them, they were in Izcopolitzk and there was a midwinter festival in full swing, with eating and drinking contests and many other festivities occurring as well. But it was a bit of a break for the PCs… No mystery to solve, nobody to rescue, no dungeons, no items to retrieve, etc.. An actual break – IF they wanted it!

We will pick it back up there just as things are starting to fall apart for the Companions of the Diamond Circle. (To read the past post, check here to get caught up.)

How does an eating contest lead to confusion or even a fight?

Freeia, Lear, and Connell start laughing at this whole situation and are unable to stop, even as the MC for the pierogy-eating event is trying to understand what is going on and listening to Lawrence try to explain his side. Vladimir is getting angry because he thinks Lawrence is trying to cheat him out of the prize. After the conversation gets heated, it calms down a notch while Lawrence, the MC, and Vladimir are talking.

Meanwhile, Freeia, Lear, and Connell try to distract the small crowd gathering shortly after chants of “Fight, fight, fight!” begin.

And as GM, I was thinking — there may yet be a fight for our heroes.

Connell does some feats of prestidigitation to impress the crowd (Natural 20 rolled), which did an admirable job of distracting them for a time. While the crowd is distracted, Freeia puts Lear on her back. The women go to check out the dancing elsewhere and Freeia says “Good luck!” to Connell. Lear complains she did not want to go dancing and Freeia ignores her opinion.

Freeia starts to dance and therefore Lear starts to dance. Much to Lear’s chagrin and even with the threats to vomit on Freeia, Freeia dances on.

Meanwhile, Luther comes back with Turok. After the players commit to understanding the language, it is clear that they are foreigners and did not understand, let alone attempt to read the sign that explained the rules of the contest. After explaining that only arrived today and that they hail from Drachensweald, proof is requested. In an attempt to provide such proof, they state that they came through the Southeast gate this morning and met Anatoly who told them about the contest and that he won 2 years ago.

While waiting to confirm the proof, the players try to resume talks for sale of the maul with Vladimir. With their story confirmed by the gate, the MC suggests that the players sell the maul at a reduced rate so everyone wins and there is no mar on the event. A deal is struck and everyone walks away happy. Everyone except Turok that is, as he is still angry with Slater for the perceived slight.

Lear finally convinces Freeia to stop dancing, as she is unable to take anymore going up and down.

Turok heads out again to find Slater. Lear, Luther, and Lawrence decide to enter a drinking contest. They make an effort to read the rules this time. Freeia, and Connell decide to chat.

Lear is clearly drunk on round 4 (rolled a 1) and Luther is unable to keep up on round 7. Lawrence goes to round 13 and loses to Vasily when he can’t keep up anymore.

In the meantime, Luther wanders off to find Turok but does not realize that he has a map in his pocket to help him find his way. (Advantage given to player for map but rolls two 1’s). Luther wanders and gets completely lost. [Laughter ensues at the table.]

Turok thinks he has found where Slater went. The signs on the building are a giveaway. Now Turok just has to wait very impatiently.

Freeia, Lear, and Connell head off to see more of the festival. They find a bookseller with trashy romance novels and little else at his booth. Connell performs more prestidigitation for the crowd after seeing there is nothing but trashy romance novels, which gives the others a chance to speak with the bookseller alone. The seller briefly complains about Connell’s spectacle distracting his customers, but takes advantage of the situation to talk Freeia into a sale.

Freeia finds a book she decides she wants to read and after inquiring about other books finds out that he might have what she wants. They make a deal to have those other books brought tomorrow. Lear a little slow due to the drink makes a deal to get where the bookshop is tomorrow to visit the store in two days.

Time to start winding down

Lawrence decides to go to bed at the Inn. [I tell Brandon he rolled a lot of good rolls and will not have a hangover the next morning.]

Freeia picks up poor Lear who is so drunk he is about to fall down. Freeia and Connell have a few drinks, talk more and she learns a bit about Connell’s past and why he travelled here from An Glas Mor Tir. Around Midnight they decide to go back to the Frozen Mammoth Inn to rest.

During the second hour of early morn (8am) Freeia, Lawrence, and Connell go for breakfast and when late morn starts (9am) they decide to head back to the Festival.

Around noon the next day, and after a 14-hour wandering, Luther realizes he has been holding the map incorrectly after finding it. (He gets a +5 to his roll and it is over 20.) Luther finds out where he is and sees Turok sitting against a building. He trips on Turok (another 1) and catches up with why Turok is here and what he has been doing. Slater almost gets away unknowingly. Turok catches him, hits him hard and knocks him out. Luther questions Turok but Turok is not caring too much right now. Turok walks away. Luther packs Slater over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. They both go back to the Frozen Mammoth Inn.

Lear is still drunk and in the Inn.

Freeia and Connell go to the festival.

Turok, Luther, and Slater get back to the Inn. Lear is still drunk. Slater is still unconscious, and Turok and Luther decide they need to rest.

Session over. Everyone is laughing and as people are picking up stuff while joking about things that happened.

Wrapping things up

Now for an extremely unplanned session, I would say that went very well.

I roll a 20 after saying that I do not roll 20’s all the time and drop one of my dice and roll a 20 at the beginning of the session. I typically will roll about 5-8 20’s throughout a session and half of them will easily be while making attacks on Turok (Brayden’s) character. To which he is typically saying, “See I need this armour!” Dennin (Luther), Glenn (Lear), and Brandon (Lawrence) are joking about the contests and the ‘lost’ walk. Cassie (Freeia) is humoured she finally got some information out of Connell (me) about his past.

I had everyone who was not involved in something that was going on rolling dice against the other players so everyone was actually involved. I think that is why they sometime do divide the group but I have never asked actually. Brayden (Turok) and Glenn (Lear) give me their extremely unlucky dice to roll during the contests. I proceed to roll 6 more 20’s with their unlucky dice and quite a majority of rolls over 14.

People committed to learning a new language and everyone had fun at a festival.

What more can you really ask for out of a session?

Clear skies fellow GM’s and players – until next time!

Keith R. Byers, A.Sc.T., Esq.

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