News Around the Net… (Kickstarters Galore!)

Ok, I’m having some hosting issues with my domain folks and my other site – Game Knight Reviews – may be down for the count due to yet another database problem. But even with these problems, I wanted to share some of the cool stuff that I found in my inbox. And none of it is Moebius related – but I’m a gaming geek and want to share. 🙂

(I used to do these once a week over at Game Knight Reviews and you may see them more frequently when I gather enough stuff into one place and I can’t wait to share it all. 🙂 )

Cool Kickstarters

Forge of Valor from Sigil Stone Publishing looks phenomenal and I love a good tumultuous fantasy world. Their KS page offers a ton of art, details on the system itself, and who all is involved – so be sure to give it a look.

Also worth a look is the Spinward Traveller project from d20 Entertainment. A science fiction show based on Traveller? Um, yes please!

Iron Atlas from Lifeform Entertainment also has me excited. The prospect of having an iPad app I can stream to my nice big TV via my Chromecast in the living room to show maps and such is awesome (even though I’ve had some issues with my Chromecast). I couldn’t help but back it. 🙂

I also couldn’t help but back the Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kit from Stonehaven Miniatures. I’ve backed both the Gnomish and Dwarven minis sets from these folks and they turned out amazing, so even though I really haven’t jumped on board with the whole papercraft thing – I had to jump on this one. The sets included look great and I can’t wait to play with them.

Lastly, there’s the Infestation Kickstarter project from Third Eye Games. There’s a soft spot in my heart for the Camp Myth and Mermaid Adventures games from Third Eye (even though I haven’t had a chance to play either, darn RL) – so a game where you get to play bugs trying to take over a house? Count me in! With only a few days left, they need some help to achieve their goal – so please chip in if you can!

Cool RPG News

First, a hearty congratulations to Chris Birch and the good folks at Modiphius Entertainment for winning the “Best Roleplaying Game” award at the UK Games Expo Awards recently. The Achtung! Cthulhu – Keeper’s Guide to the Secret War beat out 13th Age, Numenera and World War Cthulhu which was no easy feat! Great work folks! (Read the press release here.)

Second, designer Richard LeBlanc, Jr. from New Big Dragon Games Unlimited won the 2014 Three Castles RPG Design Award at the North Texas RPG Convention last weekend for his work on Old School Adventures Module VA1: Valley of the Five Fires. Congrats Richard! Great work!

Lastly here, I’ve seen all sorts of amazing artwork and little blurbs about this new post-apocalyptic game from Design Ministries – Fragged Empire – and last weekend they released a 32 page sample from the book, which will be part of a Kickstarter project soon. This thing looks gorgeous. Be sure to pick up a copy over at DriveThruRPG for free. 🙂

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