The Grey Men Are Invading Aliens & Asteroids!

We just released our second supplement for for Aliens & Asteroids!  

Check out The Grey Men: Alien Resource Guide! A PDF supplement adding depth to the world of the Grey Men, from a one-page summary of player-facing information about them to additional details about their history, the types of Grey Men encountered, new rules for playing one of the Greys, new technology, and even rules for Psionic abilities!

 “The Grey Men are a menace to the good citizens of The Dominion of
Humankind. They have plagued the Earth by abducting humans and
performing inhuman experiments to keep their own dying species alive.
And they must be stopped.

The book is constructed to offer a brief summary for new players of
Aliens & Asteroids and an expanded section for Referees with additional
information, including details on how to create Grey characters, new
technologies, and some story possibilities to explore.

This is an expansion for Aliens & Asteroids and requires the A&A
core book.”

Be sure to check it out today! 

Thanks for being fans of Aliens & Asteroids! If you like what you see, we’d love to get a review on DTRPG of either the main book or the new supplement!


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