New Products: November 2020

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get some great new products heading your way! This month we have the Inverse20 Referee Screen and the first issue of our new ‘zine Ouroboros!

Inverse20 Referee Screen

The Inverse20 Referee Screen features four full 8.5″ x 11″ pages full of useful details when playing Aliens & Asteroids or Tattered Magicks! Details include:

Inverse20 Referee screen cover
  • How to use Opposed Checks (yes, you can break out of that monster’s bear hug!)
  • How Task Resolution works (Pick an Attribute that fits, see if you have any Traits that might give you Advantage, and roll some dice!)
  • How do Advantage, No Advantage, and Disadvantage work? (For Advantage, you roll two d20s and take the best roll for what you’re trying to accomplish. For No Advantage, roll a single d20 and use the value. For Disadvantage, you take the worst roll.)
  • And so much more!

Grab it as a PDF for use at your table or have it printed on beautiful, great quality card stock for use with the customizable, portrait-format, US Letter size DriveThruRPG Game Master Screen or any other screen that takes US letter-size sheets!


And we released the first issue of our new ‘zine — Ouroboros! This ‘zine will be published every month or two when we have enough content for our growing set of Inverse20 products. The first issue features four articles:

  • Castle Calden, Haunted Domain of the Heroux for Tattered Magicks
  • The Toothy Worms of HD 85512b for Aliens & Asteroids
  • Unexpected Effects and Difficult Refereeing for Tattered Magicks
  • Space Station Larceny Ideas for Aliens & Asteroids

Have ideas for articles you’d like to see? Drop us a line!

As always, thank you for being fans of Moebius Adventures! We hope you’re staying safe and getting some gaming in!

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