New Products – April 2020

Amazingly, we have not ONE but TWO product announcements this month!

Aliens & Asteroids Cards, Deck 1

This deck of 99 cards were designed to serve as inspiration or reference for your A&A games. Use these Action, Item, Rule, and Traits cards to quickly answer questions about everything from how Advantage and Disadvantage work with Task Resolution to what benefits Xenobiology offers as a trait!

Included are:

  • 63 Traits cards representing each character Trait available in the main book, with a summary of what benefits each grants the character in play and what attribute to use
  • 6 Rules cards describing the basic rules of Inverse20, including Task Resolution, Advantage, No Advantage, Disadvantage, Critical Success, and Critical Failure
  • 6 Action cards describing the basic actions in the game, including Aim Weapon, Fire Weapon, Melee Attack, Move, Punch or Kick, and Throwing Item
  • 24 Item cards with stats for standard weapons including Knife, Pistol, and Pulse Rifle, plus a trio of alien weapons found in the adventure at the back of the A&A book and one item NOT found in the book. Each card includes areas for tracking ammunition or armor points and current status with dry erase markers

This is the first deck planned for A&A, so stay tuned for the next one featuring alien threats and combatants to include in your A&A games!

Interlude #3: The Trap

The Trap serves as the final adventure in Jonathan Hicks’ Interludes series for Aliens & Asteroids. These small adventures have been great to drop into longer campaigns, offering a glimpse into the grittier side of the A&A universe.

Our heroes may have interacted with the Black Circle before, a criminal organization with deep connections in the Dominion, but now they are going to hit them at home in a place they think is safe from the authorities — a space elevator on Earth!

Included you’ll find a bar used as a front for criminal activity on Earth, a unique encounter on a space elevator, some new items to add to your A&A adventures, randomizers to create some unique bar patrons and security staff, and a scenario that could play out in unusual and different ways.

Stay tuned for more from Jonathan in the future — this is not the last time you’ll see his name come up!!

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