New Product: LPC Fantasy Names I!

Names are tricky beasts in RPGs. Sometimes you can come up with just the right name at the right time and other times you’re left grasping at straws. It’s at those times it’s handy to have a resource available to help you come up with something on the fly.

LPC Fantasy Names I CoverWhether it’s for a PC or NPC, a place, or a strange item, I bet you can come up with SOMETHING using the table of 100 different names in LPC Fantasy Names I and even mix things up a bit with the different transformations you can apply as well. A list of 100 items is only good 100 times, but if you can morph those names in multiple ways, your options grow exponentially.

LPC Fantasy Names is a 4 page PDF (2 pages of solid content) offering three tables. Quickly roll to see how many names you get to play with, what transformations to apply (if you need them), and the names themselves… play a little with the letters or order… and voila you have a name to drop wherever you need it.

For a few more details, check out the product page!

Check it out at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow! Just $0.50 through January 27th, then $1.00 after that! That’s only a few days to snatch this one up at half price!

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