New Little Spaces “Big Book” Smashes Writer’s Block for Game Prep

Let’s face it. As GMs, sometimes it’s hard to come up with a compelling description for every single little thing your PCs may encounter during a game session. We do the best we can during our prep time and come up with the rest on the fly at the game table.

big-book-little-spaces-haunts-cover3-medium-231x300But occasionally writer’s block gets the best of us and we just can’t describe that one location, item, NPC, or whatever during our preparation. We come up with some lame description we know won’t hold water under player scrutiny and hope that between prep and table some kind of magic happens in our heads to fill the gaps.

Well, I have a suggestion. Over the last twelve months, I’ve released eight different Little Spaces supplements. Each is keyed for a particular type of location or event. Maybe you’re describing some long forgotten temple or graveyard, or even a long dark hallway and you need a little creative bump to get you writing again. Grab some dice, grab one of these little supplements, and within just a few minutes you have some context, some keywords, and hopefully the boost you need.

The goal all along was to release compilations of these products so you could easily use them together (or separately) and have expanded lists of descriptive words at your disposal.

The first of those was released today – the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts. This is a 19 page PDF (15 pages of content) that combines six different Little Spaces in one book  (Ghostly EffectsScary BasementsAbandoned PlacesGruesome GravesCreepy Copses, and Horrid Hallways) and adds all sorts of fun new sensory descriptors to get you the inspiration you need.

There are even suggestions on how to combine the different elements lists to create even more unique descriptions. Perhaps you have a “Horrid Hallway” in an “Abandoned Place” or a “Gruesome Grave” located in a “Creepy Copse”…? Now you can do that quickly and easily.

The sense tables have also been greatly expanded, with 100 different descriptors for each of the five senses – Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch. So you’ll have even more terms to use to creep your players out.

At the table, a lot can hinge on having just the right word to convey that feeling or visual you’re trying to evoke in your players’ minds. Who knows what you might come up with?

For more about the product, check out its product page – but it’s now available at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, Paizo, and d20pfsrd! Pick up your copy today!

For more, here’s a brief video offering an overview of how to use the product:

Using the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts

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