Can you save the crew of the Solar Chaser?

What? Another supplement for Aliens & Asteroids? Yes! This time it’s an adventure written by Eric Bloat of Bloat Games — and it features techno-zombies!

Check out Fate of the Solar Chaser! A new PDF adventure that features our heroes going to save the crew of a ship that has crashed on a world inside the Stellar Graveyard — an area destroyed by the Dread, the scourge of the A&A universe. There’s some fantastic art by Peter Saga and Joseph Garcia and a great story from Eric, plus some new drone traits, a new alien species, and a few other surprises!

 “The Stellar Graveyard is largely a mystery to the Dominion, though there are some who would brave the potential danger for the untapped rewards that lie within. All we know is the Dread decimated entire civilizations across multiple systems, leaving little alive in their path.
As the adventure begins, the player characters are returning from a mission near the edge of space nearest to the Dominion. The Marines are called to the command deck for an incoming transmission from Dominion Space Forces (DSF) Command located on Luna in Picard Crater. Hungry and exhausted, they assemble dutifully, just in time for the screen to flash on…”

Be sure to check it out today! 

Thanks for being fans of Aliens & Asteroids! If you like what you see, we’d love to get a review on DTRPG of either the main book or the new supplement!


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