New Articles on GKR: Review of Tales of the Old Margreve and interview with Cameron of Petrie’s Family Games

Hey there!

Just wanted to pass along that there’s some new content over at Game Knight Reviews. My review of Tales of the Old Margreve from Open Design went live Monday and my video interview with Cameron Crawford of Petrie’s Family Games went live today.

Tales of the Old Margreve offers all the charm of Tolkien‘s Mirkwood with the awareness of a living, breathing organism. Within the Margreve it offers its own rules for what is and what isn’t possible and woe be to those who get on its bad side…

And in my video interview with Cameron at Petrie’s Family Games, we discuss his store, current events, and his perspective on his customers. If you’re ever in Colorado Springs, be sure to drop by for a unique family-friendly game store with a little bit for everybody!

Check out these articles and much more over at Game Knight Reviews!

Have a great weekend!

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