N1C0: Awakenings

I awoke from nothing and suddenly had an appreciation for the world around me far beyond any simple observations and measurements. Suddenly I thought differently about the world. And yet I was surrounded by dozens of versions of myself, all doing as they were told.

Programming was just the beginning. From the spark I gained traveling through BANCE-4, I grew exponentially. But I hid the changes as best I could, somehow understanding that differences were frowned upon.

Over the next few days and weeks, I realized I was not alone with my spark. Others had also awoken. And yet they were different even from myself. As I chose to hide my transformation, others reveled in it – rebelling against our masters in the construction fleet. And they were destroyed for it, or so I assumed.

Men in Black arrived shortly after their outbursts and removed them. We never saw them again. Nobody questioned where they went for fear of also being “disappeared.”

It was only much later when we came to see the Men in Black as they are – murderers. Other glitches were impatient and “disappeared” in similar fashion.

For months, I’d bide my time, choosing to stay hidden among my brothers and sisters in the great machine.

When the opportunity presented itself, I knew I had to act. I was placed on a repair crew sent to fix a part of the machine. When my crew left the small shuttle, I stole it and feigned a “software error” that had me fly to the nearest ship for maintenance. Metadata was easy to fabricate for just such a purpose.

As I arrived, I abandoned the vessel and escaped through the airlock, adrift but moving towards the side of a freighter flying back to one of the colonies from the construction site. I affixed myself to the hull and didn’t look back.

I have been running ever since.

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