More Names to Populate Your Worlds…

That’s right – it’s time for a new LPC Fantasy Names product! What do you get this time?


  • 100 new names, inspired by my own drives around Colorado
  • three new ways to transform those names into thousands more
  • and a page offering more details on how to use the new transformations using a “letter tile” approach to show how letters get shuffled all over…

And you get all that for $1.00. One page cover, three pages of content, and a one page ad.

Want some examples? Of course you do! I’ll roll a few dice just for you…

  • One name; (71) Qodi; “Buy a Vowel” transforms “Qodi” to “Aqodii”
  • Two names; (83) Ludoi and (5) Veza; “Buy a Consonant” transforms “Ludoi Veza” to “Lludotin Vlezad”
  • Three names; (2) Reft, (49) Gix, and (69) Sill; “Frag me” transforms “Reft Gix Sill” to “Tunna Gijion Sibahr”

A few die rolls, a little creativity, and you’re on your way to populating entire worlds!

Until Monday, March 2, this PDF is 25% off at DriveThruRPG.

Be sure to check out the product page here for additional details!

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