Moebius is Going to the Market Tomorrow with Caveat Emptor

That’s right… It’s taken longer than expected due to personal delays (my daughters’ soccer schedules in July drained time like blood to a vampire), but it’s time to announce that a new product is finally coming out!

Insta-NPCs-Caveat-Emptor-coverInsta-NPCs #10: Caveat Emptor features:

  • 8 tables offering thousands of unique combinations of buyers and sellers in a marketplace setting
  • 15 examples of NPCs created for fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres
  • 2 revamped tables showing how to use the product as-is for science fiction as well as fantasy
  • 1 worksheet for printing the whole process on a single page to use later
  • Nearly 6,000 words of material across 13 pages (10 pages of content)

And it’s coming out TOMORROW!

The fact that I’ve hit #10 means… there’s a new bundle that will be available tomorrow as well, so you can get Insta-NPC #6 to #10 in one big chunk at a discount! (Only available at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.)

And I’m working on another add-on as well that I hope to release this week. Anybody who purchases¬†Caveat Emptor (in the bundle or by itself) before that new piece is available will get a code for a free copy.

Thanks for your patience folks! One more day!

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