That’s right… It’s taken longer than expected due to personal delays (my daughters’ soccer schedules in July drained time like blood to a vampire), but it’s time to announce that a new product is finally coming out!

Insta-NPCs-Caveat-Emptor-coverInsta-NPCs #10: Caveat Emptor features:

  • 8 tables offering thousands of unique combinations of buyers and sellers in a marketplace setting
  • 15 examples of NPCs created for fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres
  • 2 revamped tables showing how to use the product as-is for science fiction as well as fantasy
  • 1 worksheet for printing the whole process on a single page to use later
  • Nearly 6,000 words of material across 13 pages (10 pages of content)

And it’s coming out TOMORROW!

The fact that I’ve hit #10 means… there’s a new bundle that will be available tomorrow as well, so you can get Insta-NPC #6 to #10 in one big chunk at a discount! (Only available at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.)

And I’m working on another add-on as well that I hope to release this week. Anybody who purchases Caveat Emptor (in the bundle or by itself) before that new piece is available will get a code for a free copy.

Thanks for your patience folks! One more day!

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