Memorials to the Fallen

Memorial Day in the United States is all about remembering those who fell in the line of duty while serving in the US Armed Forces. To have such brave volunteers fighting for our interests around the world is a privilege and we must never forget their sacrifices. We are lucky to have such a group of talented men and women protecting our country.

Memorial-Day-Flag-PosterThank you for your service. We must never forget it.

But, as with most things, it got me thinking about fallen heroes in the worlds in which we roleplay. Why don’t we find more memorials to the heroes of those universes?

So I’ve come up with a simple trio of tables to act as a random idea generator when we need to add a memorial here or there to those worlds. Not all the fallen are heroes in this case, but even the villains must get their due occasionally.

Table 1: Subject(s) of the Memorial (d6)

  1. Life
  2. Death
  3. War
  4. Event
  5. Individual
  6. Group

Table 2: How long ago? (d6)

  1. nicubunu-RPG-map-symbols-Statue-1Recent
  2. Decades
  3. Centuries
  4. Millennia
  5. Eons
  6. Forgotten ages

Table 3: Type or condition of the memorial? (d10)

  1. Positive
  2. Negative
  3. Neglected
  4. Overgrown
  5. Buried
  6. Defaced
  7. Pristine
  8. Scarred
  9. Devastated
  10. Moved


  • gramzon-Memorial(Life/Recent Memory/Positive) A recent plot at the church cemetery holds the remains of Father Berr Hossk, a beloved priest who ran the church orphanage for the better part of 20 years. Many have his “children” have come over the last year to ensure that the marker stays in good condition. He wouldn’t have liked it to become dirty. Some even leave a pair of objects behind when they leave… a vase of fresh daisies and a bottle of good whiskey. They remember that if one didn’t brighten his day, the other would.
  • (Death/Decades/Negative) In the worst part of town, you come across a statue to a hunched man with his face lost in the shadows of a hood. Most have chosen to forget this unmarked monument, but a few of the older generation can be seen spitting on it as they pass. This marks the place where Mayor Gadwick Noone declared his truce with the local thieves’ guild nearly 40 years ago. He signed the paper with the hooded man rumored to be the guild leader and then died at his hand moments later when the pen was shoved through his eye and into his brain. It began a war that lasted nearly 8 years and killed hundreds of good men and women as they fought the shadows. The statue was raised to remind the people of that war… though all but a handful have forgotten.
  • 2011-02-16-ALTHIB-The-Wolf-Shi(War/Centuries/Neglected) The city of Felle was destroyed on Triton V in what has become known as the Inner System War. School children complain when they learn about those dusty events now centuries old, forced to remember the names of the leaders who killed millions in the name of their gods though neither was truly a believer. It was a crusade that ended in a tenuous truce between the Puritans and the Successors. One side believed that only humans should live in the Triton system they fought so long to terraform and claim as their own. The other side believed that the aliens who came to them as refugees from their own wars should be accepted and embraced as intergalactic brothers. Felle was destroyed in the last bombing of that war – a haven for the many races who came to call it home. And the Puritans proved there was no safety for their kind. The aliens who survived fled the system, looking for another unwelcoming rock upon which to start again. The city was never rebuilt, instead left as a reminder of what should never be tolerated by their regime. Ironic that it would serve as a beacon of hope when the war those aliens fled came to them…

Though two out of three of these examples may be negative, there’s nothing that says your memorials will suffer the same fate. Perhaps your world’s markers will be more hopeful and optimistic.

Let me know what you come up with if you give this a try!


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