Medicine and Healing rules – to include or not include Poison!

Hi all…

I recently hit a bit of an issue where I have rules for how poisoning works in the game and I included a list of some basic poisons and toxins in the Healing and Medicine chapter, which isn’t a very long chapter to start with.  Without the Poisons, it goes down to about 3 pages from 5.

Should I simply roll the section on Medicine and Healing into the General/GM Rules chapter? Or should I leave it a very short chapter?

Any thoughts?


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1 thought on “Medicine and Healing rules – to include or not include Poison!”

  1. Comment from Mike submitted by the mailing list:

    I think you would probably be better off rolling Healing & Medicine into one of the already existing chapters … either the general rules or perhaps combat since there aren’t a lot of times outside of results from combat that people tend to need to be healed.

    I’m not sure if there would be a consensus out there, but it might be worthwhile to check what the major rpg systems out there decided in that regards. I think (although I don’t have the books handy to look at the moment while I’m at work) that d&d 3.5 put the basic healing concepts in the combat section of the Player’s Handbook.

    At least it might indicate what sort of conventions new players might be expecting in that regards.


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