Magick Item: Scáth Dagger

In any good “magickal” world, there have to be magick items sprinkled around. Perhaps it’s a magick staff, a magick wand, or a magick sword, but in Tattered Magicks, we have room for them all.

Creating magick items can be as easy as finding a character with the Craft Items trait and convincing them to make an item. And in the realm of Underhill, they have had nearly 1500 years to think up anything they didn’t already have laying around in a world steeped in faerie magick.

Last week, our playtest group battled a pair of ogres, and one of them managed to disappear during combat. To the PCs, he simply seemed to vanish from view. In the game, it was even a little cooler than that because he faded into shadow.

Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art (c) Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games

Each ogre had a special dagger called a Scáth (or “Shadow” in Gaelic) Dagger. These daggers don’t hold a charge at all, but can be powered with something as simple as a bit of the wielder’s own blood.

In fact, the ogre who vanished cut his hand with the dagger and stepped into the shadows in the room. It may have been the middle of the afternoon, but the party was facing these warriors inside an abandoned warehouse with no light beyond what was coming through the front door. That left many shadows for the ogre to step into…

He had d6 turns to travel unseen (unless someone did an Awareness check and got a critical success) and wound up behind the PCs to flank them. Unfortunately, his friend didn’t fare so well and the flank was lost before he reappeared.

  • Scáth Dagger (1) – Allows wielder to blend with shadows if given a taste of their blood each night. For d6 turns, the user travels in shadow unless spotted by a character achieving a Critical Success on an Awareness check. Standard melee weapon otherwise, doing d6 damage.

Next week I’ll bring up the other item the ogres had on them, which was even cooler. 🙂

Until next time!

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