Magick Item: Hungry Leather Armor

We’ve been having fun in our weekly playtest session of Tattered Magicks. And as my group comes to the end of this first salvo of stories, they have managed to encounter a few magick items along the way.

Last week we revealed the Sc├íth (or “Shadow” in Gaelic) Dagger, which allows its owner to pass in shadow for a bit. (I should have mentioned that one “charge” grants the wielder 1d6 turns of traveling in shadow before popping back out again.)

This week, I want to talk about the other item the ogres had on them… a suit of leather armor made from straps of leather. Tough stuff, too. And now I’ll reveal why. ­čÖé

The group had encountered these two ogres earlier in the campaign, though they were glamoured to appear as larger-than-life young football players. The ogres had no idea what “football” was, mind you, but their masters may have seen it mentioned in a book, magazine, or on television at some point and decided it was a good illusion to apply to figures that routinely stand about 7 feet tall and weigh upwards of 300-400 pounds. ­čÖé

Hungry Leather Armor
Hungry Leather Armor/Tattered Magicks

The armor itself doesn’t look like anything special, but is a collection of dark leather straps interwoven into a tight pattern that still allows the wearer some movement but offers a great deal of protection without a ton of weight.

In this case, the armor was built by the fae to be very durable. When damaged, it doesn’t require an armorer to be present, but instead can be “fed” additional pieces of leather to repair itself 1d3 AP at a time. Depending on how you want to envision this, it could almost be like wearing a good old Mimic on your body, complete with teeth and chewing as you feed it… [shudder]

Again, this is not what I consider a “traditional” magic item in the Dungeons & Dragons sense. I can see it being fed hides from a variety of critters (yes, including human skin if it comes down to it). Depending on the “diet” of this magick item, it could look remarkably different from one wearer to another. Of course, the item has no conscience about what it eats to maintain itself – it’s a simple object doing a simple task.

In addition, it gives the wearer some interesting vibes when worn. If damaged, the “hungry” nature wears off on the wearer to hint that it is in need of sustenance to repair itself.

  • Hungry Leather Armor (Minor Magickal Item): AR2/AP10; can be repaired by “feeding” it strips of treated or untreated hide when outside of combat. Each “patch” regenerates 1d3 AP at a time. When damaged, confers a “hunger” to its wearer to indicate it requires sustenance
  • Hungry Leather Armor (Major Magickal Item): Same as Minor, but AR3/AP15
  • Hungry Leather Armor (Superior Magickal Item): Same as Minor, but AR4/AP20

The party has encountered one other item so far, which is more of a traditional magick item. We’ll cover that next week!

Until next time!

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