LPC Names Design: Name Randomizing

As I continue to work on the next One Spot, I’ve also been trying to polish off a new product. LPC Names will be something like Little Spaces in that it combines a list with a bit of directions and some examples. But I was pondering those directions a bit.

Name tagA list of names isn’t all that useful. Here’s a subset of 10 names on one of the lists:

1. Slate
2. Zebb
3. Xay
4. Leer
5. Leira
6. Oza
7. Ozel
8. Worno
9. Baxa
10. Slan

By themselves, this offers a single angle of access. Roll some dice. Pick a name. Go with that. You get ten shots here and then you’re done. But what other avenues can we use?

I’ve come up with two.

Phase 1 (Roll D10)

  • 1-6 – Roll once
  • 7-8 – Roll twice
  • 9-10 – Roll three times

Phase 2 (Roll D6)

  1. Sequential
  2. Reverse
  3. Backwards
  4. Mixed
  5. Roll twice
  6. Roll three times

Let’s talk about this one for a minute.

“Sequential” means just what it says. If you roll for two or three names, put them in order with spaces. So it would be “[Name 1] [Name 2] [Name 3]”. Not all that helpful if you’re only rolling a single name, but you can always re-roll your d6.

“Reverse” is the opposite of “Sequential.” If you roll for two or three names, put them in reverse order with spaces. So it would be “[Name 3] [Name 2] [Name 1]”. Again, not all that helpful if you’re only rolling a single name, but re-roll is always an option.

“Backwards” might offer some intriguing possibilities. So if you roll once and get “Adam”, you would reverse the order of the letters and change it to “Mada”. It would get interesting if mixed with one of the other options.

And “Mixed” offers even more odd possibilities. If we were “mixing” a name “Abc” you might get “Cab” or “Bac” by shuffling the letters around. It requires a little work, but nothing too drastic since the names in the list are all relatively small.

Roll twice and three times should be pretty obvious.


By now you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m doing and what I’ve been smoking. I’m not saying this is a perfect name generation scheme by any stretch of the imagination. But it offers a multitude of options for any list you may be playing around with.

Let’s roll some dice and see what we end up with.

  • 1 (D10)/6 (D10)/4 (D6) becomes Once/Oza/Mixed. If we mix up “Oza” we end up with “Oaz,” “Zao,” and “Zoa”. We’ve turned one name into four pretty quickly.
  • 2/3/2 becomes Once/Xay/Reverse. Reverse doesn’t work well with a single name, so let’s change it to Twice/Xay/Slate/Reverse and we get “Slate Xay” as a potential NPC name.
  • 8/5/5 becomes Twice/Leira/Worno/Twice/Reverse/Backwards. So “Leira Worno” turns into “Worno Leira”. And that in turn becomes “Onrow Ariel” as another NPC name. I might drop the “w” and just use “Onro Ariel” but you get the idea.
  • 3/9/5 becomes Once/Baxa/Twice/Mixed/Sequential. Again, a single name doesn’t help with Sequential, so we’ll add another name to the mix. Twice/Baxa/Slan/Twice/Mixed/Sequential. And we might get something like “Xaab Nals” which sort of sounds like someone is speaking with a really bad head cold but might work as a NPC name in a pinch.

As you can see… With a little work, we end up with a group of names we can use however we need to. Place names. People names. Whatever you want.

What do you think?


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