Found at CromsfuryYou may have noticed a particular slant this week with Lovecraftian Randomness

Well, in honor of H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday – some of our products are on sale for a short time! Yay!

Check out the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts at d20pfsrd (the Open Gaming Store) and DriveThruRPG/RPGNow or Insta-NPCs #9: Cults and Cultists over at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow. They’re both 25% off for a short time, so get ’em while they’re hot!

Happy birthday Howard! Thanks for all the nightmares!

(By the way, please leave feedback on any of our products you might pick up – we’d love to hear from you by way of e-mail, blog comments, or through reviews anywhere our products can be found!)

Update: The sale has ended… Until next year, rest well Howard!

–Fitz (Temporary Shoggoth #1)

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