Little Spaces: Scary Basements Is Now Available!

The second Halloween-themed Little Spaces release is now complete! Little Spaces: Scary Basements offers a way to help generate creepy descriptions of your horrific subterranean basements… Why anybody goes down into them is beyond me… Do they have a death wish? But you can’t have an EMPTY basement for your horror story, can you?

Little Spaces: Scary BasementsLittle Spaces: Scary Basements offers a collection of three tables to roll on to generate the seeds of your PC’s frightful destruction: Sense, Descriptive Element, and Sensory Descriptor so you never end up with a boring empty basement again. You just roll a few dice and see what your brain throws out at you.

For some details about the product, be sure to check out the design post with a sample of what you can find within. The three tables offer enough different combinations for thousands of different collections of keywords to get your creative juices dripping from your ears!

The cover features some terrific black & white art from Jason “Banditt” Adams as well!

Check it out at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow! Just $0.50 through October 31st, then $1.00 after that! That’s only a couple of days to snatch this one up at half price!

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