Little Spaces Design: Shipwrecks

Following on the design revisions between Little Spaces: Ghostly Effects and Little Spaces: Scary Basements (releasing this week!), I had some time to ponder some additional possibilities for the Little Spaces line.

Moldering Shipwreck (

Moldering Shipwreck (

The next one will be Little Spaces: Shipwrecks. Though we’ve all seen (or read) examples from movies, TV, and literature about shipwrecks, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with unique descriptions you can use for encounters in a RPG session.

So here’s a sample of this approach…


  1. Sight
  2. Hearing
  3. Smell
  4. Touch
  5. Taste
  6. Roll again
  7. Roll twice
  8. Roll three times

DESCRIPTIVE ELEMENT (D8 for now, more later)

  1. Hull
  2. Hold
  3. Mast
  4. Sails
  5. Deck
  6. Figurehead
  7. Cabin
  8. Crow’s Nest

SENSORY DESCRIPTOR (D10 for now, many more later)

  1. Oiled
  2. Frayed
  3. Metallic
  4. Splintered
  5. Clammy
  6. Bright
  7. Dim
  8. Colorless
  9. Tarnished
  10. Flapping


With these tables in place, you can toss some dice, collect the results, and use those results to inspire your madness creativity when describing some element of a shipwreck…

  • (Smell, Cabin, Frayed) The cabin was split open like a melon when the ship ran aground. The smells of salt and seaweed pervade the air and what once may have been fine brocade draperies hang tattered and frayed from constant storms.
  • (Taste, Hold, Metallic) As you enter the hold, the coppery taste of blood still rises from the stained flooring…
  • (Twice – Sight/Hearing, Crow’s Nest, Splintered) The Crow’s Nest, once high atop the main mast cracked and splintered upon impact with the jagged rocks of shore. What remains of the basket is now home for a squawking collection of seabirds.

With the sensory table (8), 20 or more descriptive elements, and 50 or so sensory descriptors, thousands of combinations can offer plenty of ideas for your next shipwreck-based encounter.

Looking for more inspiration, check out…

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