Little Spaces Design: Abandoned Places

Our created worlds (mostly fantasy, with a smattering available in modern or futuristic settings as well) are full of strange little forgotten places. Whether it’s cans of gold coins buried during the California Gold Rush and found in someone’s back yard, a hidden shrine to some forgotten god, or a place of antiquity holding tightly to untold secrets that should be left untouched… they are there waiting to be discovered.

trail-skinny-bw2And sometimes we need a little help coming up with ways to describe them. Or a suggestion on what might be there in the first place. Or maybe we just need a spot to visit between point A and point B to add a change of scenery.

That’s what Little Spaces: Abandoned Places is going to offer. You need a quick idea? Roll a d8, a d20, and a d100 and boom – you have yourself a collection of ideas to offer some context you can use to create something. Five senses. Twenty elements to describe. And 50 descriptive words you can use to describe your element.

Here are the first five items on the descriptive elements table:

  1. Ruin
  2. Remains
  3. Monument
  4. Statue
  5. Marker

And here are the first ten items on the sense descriptor table:

  1. Scattered
  2. Piled
  3. Orderly
  4. Chaotic
  5. Covered
  6. Worn
  7. Hidden
  8. Distant
  9. Near
  10. Artistic

And here are a few ideas I came up with by rolling a handful of dice five times:

  • Touch/Marker/Miniature – The stories told of how to get to this place involves a hidden path through a mossy field. You must get on your hands and knees to find a series of crystalline markers showing the way.
  • Taste/Monument/Bulbous – At the center of the clearing is a strange, bulbous monument exuding a powerful rotting smell strong enough to taste with each breath. Though worn by the elements, you can see more than ten bulging eyes with red stones at the center spread all across the weird figure.
  • Hearing/Remains/Quiet – At the foot of the obelisk lay a pile of humanoid remains, each with a hand stretched towards the gray stone. The silence all around you is punctuated by the occasional whisper of fabric in the wind.
  • Twice – Hearing/Smell – Path/Reflective – Along the walls of the canyon leading to the cave mouth, a reflective mineral glints and gleams catching what little light filters down this far. But it’s the smell drifting from whatever lies ahead that catches your attention. The stench of death awaits you.
  • Sight/Stone/Silver – A winding path leads you along faerie trails to the mound in the clearing. Each stone shines bright silver with an unnatural inner light inviting you in step by step.

Feel free to use any of those if you’d like. But it should give you some idea of what you can do with this product.

Stay tuned for a new random generator showing up in the list above as well as Abandoned Spaces hitting virtual shelves soon! And there’s a big announcement coming next week as well. A larger product in the same vein of Little Spaces and Brick by Brick!

Looking for more inspiration? Be sure to check out the other Little Spaces products available now!

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