Little Spaces Design: A Taste of What’s to Come

Over the weekend I came to the realization that I’ve been a bit like Dug the dog from Disney’s Up with squirrels, distracted by each new idea that’s passed through my brain. As a result, I’ve made little progress with getting actual products out. I’ve talked a lot about story seeds, page design, and much more, but barely scratched the surface or gained any traction.

So I’m redirecting my energy a bit for a short term plan. SQUIRREL! No, no no… Back to the plan.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing a series of Little Spaces supplements, then releasing a larger book that works to collect a number of those in one place.

The next book will be Little Spaces: Vaults and will offer inspiration to answer questions such as:

  • Whose vault was it?
  • Who does it belong to now?
  • What was in it originally?
  • What’s in it now? Valuables? Bodies? Storage?
  • Who or what was guarding it?
  • What’s guarding it now?
  • What’s its condition?
  • How sturdy was it initially?
  • Is it still sturdy?
  • What does the ceiling look like? Walls? Floor?
  • How secure is the door?

Once again we’ll use a three-prong approach of determining a sense to use, a descriptive element, and a sensory descriptor. But to give you a little taste of what these tables will produce, here are five rooms I generated quickly using the tables I’ve constructed.

  • Sight/Stores/Wooden – As you enter the room, you notice the remains of rotting shelves that once held hundreds of small jars, bottles, and boxes. Whatever was in them is now scattered in pieces beneath the fallen racks.
  • Touch/Ownership/Flat – It’s apparent as you cross the threshold that the owner of this vault was quite proud of his own visage. What is left of a chiseled face graces each corner of the room with a horrific grin or grimace. Though each may have offered more detail in the past, the stone has worn away until only a few features can be seen in the flattened stone.
  • Smell/Wards/Ripe – Even as you approach the door to this room, you can smell the rotting remains of something waiting. Some previous adventurer seeking entry did not defeat whatever wards may be protecting the vault’s contents, but you can only see half of his bloody bisected body on the outside.
  • Sight/Age/Brick – This brick-lined room has seen its share of use. From the scoring on the floors where heavy things have been dragged to and from the entrance to what’s left of the untouched decorative relief high above whatever was once stacked high on the walls and worn away, it must have been almost beautiful once.
  • Touch/Entrance/Muddy – A small puddle of mud rests just outside the entrance to this room and you can see where water has worn away bit by bit at the bottom of the door. Obviously water has made its way from inside to just outside over time.

If you can use these as is, let me know how it goes. But there will be many others to offer some ideas off the bat in this one.

Looking for more inspiration? Be sure to check out the other Little Spaces products available now!

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