Kickstarter Update! 50% and Climbing!

Now that we’re approaching the halfway point of the Aliens & Asteroids Kickstarter, I wanted to take a moment to give a quick status and offer some thank yous to a few folks.

First, as of this writing, we’re over 50%. And as a first Kickstarter project from a relatively unknown publisher, I am quite pleased with that progress. We’re not blowing any funding records, but we’re making a slow, steady march to the finish line.

So thank you to our 80+ backers who have thrown their pledges in the ring so far. We think we have made a fun game and we’re thrilled you seem to think so too!

Second, we’ve had some great folks help us out by sharing the word already.

The project wouldn’t have come this far without Alan Bahr’s (Gallant Knight Games) encouragement and help, so he’s first on my list. Thanks Alan!

We’ve also had some shares from:

Plus a few G+ posts, tweets, and retweets, so thanks to everybody who’s given us a shout out!

We’re excited about the game, both in terms of rules and setting, and looking forward to getting a physical book out into the world. Aliens & Asteroids is definitely destined to conquer the universe one human mind at a time. 🙂

If you’ve taken the time to back us and haven’t already shouted from the rooftops about it, would you mind sharing the love? Maybe see if any of your friends might be interested in joining the project? We would appreciate any and all opportunities you take to share this game with the world.

But thank you, thank you, thank you if you’ve backed us and shared us with the world. The aliens are loose! We just have to give them a bit more love before they can invade properly. 🙂

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