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So I’ve been looking at how to merge some of the magical philosophies of Immortals’ Wake with WR&M over the last few days. Spells are a bit different when you have to fit them into four different “Circles” instead of having an arbitrary number of levels.

The first realm of wizardry I’m trying to work on is Superstitious Magic. It’s sort of voodoo, but not really. More playing on Old Wives’ Tales and such to avoid walking under ladders, crossing black cats’ paths, and so on.

Superstitious Magic preys on people’s beliefs to create magical effects. This can be as simple as calling upon some deity or force aligned with or opposed to an opponent’s belief. For instance, a blessing would ask for positive influence over a person, place, or thing. But a curse would invoke negative influence.

I’ve only started working on this, but have the First Circle started at least… “FTIL” references From the Imperial Library, the magic supplement for WR&M written by Brian Brousseau.

First Circle

Dead Man’s Claws: Caster’s hand becomes cold and clammy with sharp fingernails to claw at an opponent for 1d6 damage. Same as Painful Touch (FTIL).

Mummy’s Caress: Wrapped in an the bandage from an embalmed body, the caster grasps an opponent, causing 1d6/2 damage and heals the caster by the same number of points. Same as Lesser Vampiric Touch (FTIL).

Snake’s Kiss: Caster wipes the blood of a serpent on the intended victim, making them feel sickly and weak. Same as Poison Touch (FTIL).

Gravemud: Caster throws a clod of mud from a grave at up to 2 victims. Same as Painful Blast (FTIL).

Stinkeye: Caster gives one intended target the evil eye. Same as Stun (FTIL).

In addition, I’m looking at adding a few spells…

Breaking Touch (Shatter, Destroy) (First Circle) – Touch attack to a specific item. The item’s owner must make a DL7 Mage roll or have the item take 1 point of damage. Each level of enhancement can either increase the DL by +1 or increase the damage done to the item by 1. For example, a successful casting against a piece of clothing would destroy it quickly, but it would take multiple attempts to break a sword. (See the Material Strengths table.)

Repair (Fix, Mend) (First Circle) – Repairs 1 point of damage to an item. Each level of enhancement can increase the number of points repaired by 1.

Unbidden Growth (Curse of Hair, Enlarge, Embiggen): Touch attack that causes the item or body part on the target to grow wildly for one round. Person must make a DL9 Mage roll to resist or suffer for 1 hour. Each level of enhancement increases the DL by +1.

Change Size (Enlarge, Reduce, Grow, Shrink): Touch increases or decreases person’s size by 50% along with any worn or carried possessions (backpacks not included). All Warrior checks are at +3, but Rogue checks are at -3 when enlarged or -3 to Warrior when reduced. This spell lasts entire encounter. If cast on unwilling target, target gets a DL 11 Mage roll to resist. Each level of enhancement adds +3 to the DL.

Material strengths vary by type. Cloth is weak (1 pt), then there’s leather (3 pts), wood (5 pts), and steel (7 pts). Not sure these are the final values for the material types, but it’s a start.

Any thoughts? Please feel free to leave them as comments or e-mail me directly at info(at)moebiusadventures(dot)com.


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