Introduction and the start of a great venture!

Hello and welcome to all who are reading this!

A little about me:

RPG_BooksI have been playing and running games for over 30 years.  My favourites are D&D (Classic and 5E), Star Wars, and Top Secret S.I. But I have played many like Rifts, Shadowrun, Rolemaster, GURPS, and many others that my great friends have introduced me to over the years.  What made these games great was the collaborative creativity, role-playing, and that they took the “crunch” out of the sessions.  I have looked at other editions of games and I see value in them, although I tend to like my games without rules bloat that are easy to play and run.  I believe that all great games have the players clamouring to play every week or as often as schedules allow.  Not only will your players want to play but they will want to be a part of what you are creating with them and encourage others to be a part of the experience as well.  I believe that every game is a cooperative scenario between the GM and the players making a living realm of adventure with action, reaction, and most importantly – epic role-playing fun.

Another thing that you probably do not know about me is that I nearly got published when I was 20.  Sadly, the company folded when the book of short stories was at the printer.  I would have been in a book with Stephen King had that not happened and I might have stayed on this path then instead of looking for another job.  I have a career now, but I am still running games and creating stories.  I am now in the process of becoming a professional writer as well.

My players and friends:

They are wonderful people who challenge me to be better when they can and to see if I will be able to remember the characters (i.e.: NPC’s) in my realm.  This includes all the voices and things that make them memorable by sometimes going to them when they can work them into the adventures because they love what is being shown to them.  I have modified adventures so they can see characters they like as that fleshes out the world more for them, making it feel more alive.  Even more important to me is that they help me keep my dreams alive and for that I have to thank them as you have inspired me to get back on this path at this point in my life.

My goals for this space at Moebius Adventures:

What I want to do with this column is get some ideas out and help others while I help myself by learning how to write articles better.  Not just sharing them with the friends I game with but others so they too will also be able to have fun with my ideas.  This is why I am in the process of sharing my ideas on a bigger scale and learning about how to get published.

hqdefaultFor those of you who are players, I want to inspire you to dream bigger and help your GM out by creating great characters.  Maybe after that, why not consider creating an item, creature, race, or even a nation?  I would like to maybe even inspire you enough to become a GM for a while so you understand what a labour of love that role is. I promise you after you gain enough experience it is not a chore – it is a delight!

For those of you who are GM’s, I want to help you to become better at creating an EPIC game full of memorable characters, exciting adventures, and story arcs that flow into each other.  And hopefully inspire you to create stories that not only motivate your players to be incredibly excited to be at your games, but inspire you to try to get published.

For the first few contributions to the blog here at Moebius Adventures I plan on discussing great characters and how to create them. And then going forward I would like to discuss the following ideas (in no particular order):

  • alignments and attitudes
  • helping new players get up to the same speed as the rest of the group
  • quality creative combat using maps, miniatures and theatre of the mind
  • session preparation
  • making adventures better through tailoring for the group
  • humour and how it is good to let things not always be too serious
  • going with the flow and stressing less as a GM
  • perspective changing from the GM vs. players to the collaboration view
  • what makes a good adventure
  • making an adventure through the sharing of one
  • item creation
  • race and creature creation and modification
  • map making
  • nation making  

Keith Quote I am possible


In addition to these topics I am requesting that ideas be sent in to discuss, as I will take on anything!  I want this to become a living collaboration with you, and those you share these ideas with.

Thank you and I look forward to sharing my ideas while on this enterprise.

Keith R. Byers, A.Sc.T., Esq.

P.S.:  I also wish to thank Moebius Adventures at this time for giving me this great opportunity to give back to the gaming community.  Someone challenged me to share my ideas and to make a difference for the community.  I see no better way than to try to make more of a difference outside of my own tables than this!


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7 thoughts on “Introduction and the start of a great venture!”

  1. A great and inspiring read by another rpg afficcionado! Do you know the tabletop oneshot group or rpg brigade on facebook? A place yo find similar-minded gamers. Good luck!

    1. So am I looking forward to sharing ideas and having that interaction with people outside of my usual groups. Please be interactive and share.

  2. Please get involved and share your ideas back.

    And don’t forget to share this with others as that will only make it better.

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