Interesting Statistics for Moebius Adventures

With all the recent activity on the blogosphere regarding 2010 results for small RPG publishers (Nevermet Press here, Stargazer Games here and Rite Designs here), I thought I’d throw mine out there too because I was curious.

When I first published the Moebius Adventures Core Rules book back in 2007, I gave away more than 1100 copies in a big promotion RPGNow was having that Thanksgiving. Since then I have sold 3 copies. Not a biggie, as like most independent writers/designers I honestly wasn’t planning on making a mint doing what I love. (By the way, if you’d like to purchase a copy for $3 off, click here.)

But the more interesting stats for me revolve around the freebie I put out about the same time. The Moebius Adventures Core Rules Sample Adventure amounts to one chapter in the Core Rules book that details a quick spin through roleplaying and combat in the system.

Again through RPGNow, I had 161 downloads in 2007, 113 in 2008, 65 in 2009, 56 in 2010, and 6 so far in 2011.

What does this show? It shows that people are looking at freebies at RPGNow, even really old ones like mine, and that could possibly lead to future sales down the line.

I’m not convinced that this will lead to sales of my next project, whenever I actually get it done. But it does convince me that I will be putting out a freebie PDF ahead of the project (probably a short PDF of NPCs & Creature stats) to try and gain a bit of traction.

Question: How are other small publishers using freebies to drive product interest? And is it working for you? Call me curious.

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1 thought on “Interesting Statistics for Moebius Adventures”

  1. I have small freebies associated with each of my generator packs, and then random freebies. I’m not really sure if it has any impact on sales since I’m not as good about tracking clickthroughs and whatnot as I probably should be.

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