Insta-Items… just add dice.

So this week I’ve been pondering what’s next for Moebius Adventures and decided one possibility would be to explore the realm of item generation. Sometimes you need that special sword your big villain has been swinging to lob off the heads of the locals and it should be called something other than “longsword.” Or your PCs have come to the treasure hoard at the end of a long dungeon crawl and you want some unique items other than “shovel or spade” (which is awesome and came up in a list from the Pathfinder Treasure Generator today).

Lion holding swordNot every item has to be magical. But every item has a story to tell. So let’s see what we can do about finding a story… (By the way, if you like this concept, let me know in the comments and I’ll keep going!)


We’ll start with an item table… just a few items to start.

Items (d10)

  1. Rapier
  2. Cutlass
  3. Longsword
  4. Shovel
  5. Vase
  6. Dagger
  7. Cloak
  8. Boots
  9. Belt
  10. Scabbard

Now we’ll add a quality table…

Qualities (d10)

  1. Tale
  2. Myth
  3. History
  4. Mark
  5. Decoration
  6. Edge
  7. End
  8. Beginning
  9. Owner
  10. Magic

We’ll see if it’s a good or a bad thing…

Perception (d2 – odd/even or coin flip)

  • (heads/odd) Positive
  • (tails/even) Negative

And lastly… we’ll look at the item’s age.

Age (d8)

  1. Days
  2. Weeks
  3. Months
  4. Years
  5. Decades
  6. Centuries
  7. Millennia
  8. Unknown


rapierNow let’s come up with some examples… and I’ll write about these using some rumors you can run with.

  • (Rapier/Tale/Days/Positive) The Rapier of Jaqar Vee. “Of course I’ve heard about it… didn’t Vee claim it was magical BEFORE the battle of Deadan Oaks just a few days ago? They say he killed a dozen men with just a few molinetto and a riverso… he must have used some botta secreta from the guild of assassins! At any rate, it was amazing!” (Check out this page of Renaissance Fencing Terms from ARMA for definitions.)
  • (Cutlass/Myth/Weeks/Negative) “Don’t touch that cutlass. It’s been cursed by the gods. The last three owners perished while holding it in battle, each suffering a foul beheading at the hands of a weaker opponent over the last few weeks. And all they had in common was that damned sword…” (Doesn’t have to be a REAL curse – just bad luck of the draw with a weapon used and reused as people find them…)
  • (Scabbard/Edge/Negative/Years) The Bloody Scabbard of Master Thoran. “Ah yes, that scabbard. It was only a matter of time before somebody found it. Note the expressive scroll work in the leather along that side there and the silver filigree in the staples. But don’t touch the ferrule at the tip. That copper color is rumored to be stained by the blood of every fool who has used this thing to hold their longsword. And many of those men have perished due to illness, not honor in battle. Beware my friend, beware…” (Again, might be nothing – but could be a magical curse or something much more mundane…)


Interested in more? Would you like to see a product based around this idea? Let me know in the comments…

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