Moebius Adventures prides itself on enabling Game Masters and Adventure Writers to come up with inspiration on the fly on a variety of topics with a handful of dice.


The Insta-NPCs series helps you create unique characters to populate your world…

Though a few quickly generated keywords might be enough for a one-time NPC, sometimes you need a bit more information for key characters in a particular situation. Additional detail comes in handy for those NPCs your party might interact with more frequently, such as pivotal folks in a particular town or village near a quest site.

Why not throw together a Villain, his (or her) Henchmen (or Henchwomen), and a Damsel (or Dude) in Distress for your heroes to chase down? You might be surprised just how much a few die rolls can create!

Perhaps you’ll find someone like Hal “The Hatchet” Trenton who works for a man he simply calls “The Boss.”

From the prompt “Blocky/Voice/Biding Time” we came up with: “Hal “The Hatchet” Trenton is forever by the side of The Boss. Everyone knows that should any violence need to be done, The Hatchet will do any dirty work the Boss required except for speaking in public. His soft, melodious voice was incongruous with the hulking brute he portrays as a protector. Each time he is called
upon to resolve a problem, he places a single white carnation at the scene as his calling card.

He knows it is only a matter of time before he is asked to do harm to a dame or a child. And that is a line he will not cross for anyone. One day he suspects he will leave his calling card for the Boss
and then things would change…”

Little Spaces

The Little Spaces series takes the same approach to creating unique encounters in a variety of places…

As GMs, we create entire worlds, adventures, and characters in broad strokes, leaving the little details to sort themselves out when the time is right. But sometimes the little things need a little nudge. These Little Spaces products offer a splash of inspiration for an assortment of locations.

Heading to space for your next mission? Check out From the Moon… and inspire details for encounters, items, places, and more that are set on far away moons in our own solar system or one far, far away. Grab some dice and you might come up with a prompt like (Taste & Sight/Crater/Neutral/Fallow & Oblong). What might your brain do with that combination of terms?

Ours came up with: “Earlier probes had marked several areas of the galaxy as “interesting” and “needing further investigation,” so small scientific teams were sent to follow up when they could. The ISC Bedouin had just landed to start their sweep when they came to the first oblong crater. Inside were the remains of what appeared to be a small garden, with neat rows running along its length. Though it had long gone fallow as the atmosphere disappeared, the mere signs of previous intelligent life meant years of research ahead for the ship’s crew…”

Other Options…

Other options we provide include some crazy ways to create random names (LPC Creations), outdoor encounters (Open Spaces), or just see what a simple door might inspire (Brick by Brick)?

A few dice, a few lists of options, and your muse will thank you!