Infinity Report – January 2016

Apologies that this is a couple of weeks late, but I’m back! Time to talk a bit about how Moebius Adventures did in the first month of 2016. (Just realized a month later I was saying “2015” and it’s been 2016 for two months!!)

What did we do?

Moebius-MacGuffins-The-Gift-coverIf you’ll remember my “End of Year” report at the beginning of January, I had a few goals for 2016 – including a plan to release three products a quarter and get cracking on Mazes & Perils: Deluxe Edition with Vince. Well, I think I managed to deliver on that promise:

  • 11 blog posts, including two from Keith Byers (Scrolls of the Studios Sage) and three blog carnival posts from me for the Gates & Portals carnival
  • A new product (and product line) – Moebius MacGuffins #1: The Gift was released over the weekend of January 23rd. This was based on some of the writing I did for the December blog carnival
  • A 70+ page, 30,000 word draft of Mazes & Perils: Deluxe Edition that I managed to edit prior to going on a business trip. Lots of edits and ideas to follow up on for the next draft which will hopefully be ready at the end of February for a more proper editing!

So I think there was some definite progress on all major fronts. Lots of writing and editing, plus the first of the 12 product releases for the year.

What’s coming next?

Quite honestly, more of the same this month even with being gone for a chunk of February. I managed to get a fair amount of writing done while I was overseas and have some new ideas to explore. Specifically…

  • Moebius MacGuffins #2: The Blade – the next in the MacGuffins series
  • The next draft of Mazes & Perils: Deluxe Edition – which I think will be pushing into 90+ pages soon
  • Some discussions with Keith about taking some of his ideas and turning them into products for the Spark product line
  • More content for the blog on a variety of topics from Keith and myself


How was the traffic?

Since bringing Keith on board and keeping up with more content on the blog, I’m happy to say we actually saw a pretty good boost with traffic in January!

  • Old blog – 363 page views and 283 unique visits in January 2016
  • Main site – 941 page views and 645 unique visits in January 2016
  • Totals = 1304 page views and 928 unique visits

I did better with posting links and such to social media as well, which helped. February will suffer a bit because I haven’t been as good about that, but I’m hopeful we won’t see too much of a drop-off.


What about sales?

Sales almost always see a little bump when I release new products, so I’m happy to say that trend continued in January.

  • 110 downloads from DriveThruRPG, Paizo, and the Open Gaming Store

That’s a 10% bump over what we saw in December 2015, so that was nice.

And 23 of those downloads were of Moebius MacGuffins #1: The Gift – so it’s well on its way to being a good seller. We’ll hope that continues with #2. 🙂

Thank you!

As always, thank you for your support of Moebius Adventures games. My time writing is among my favorite time spent every day! So far this year has been a bit better production-wise and I hope it continues along that path. 🙂

Hope you had another great month of gaming!

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