Infinity Report – February 2016

Why does it feel like that extra day in February was just there to mock me? But we made it to the end of another month and let’s see how we did!

What did we do?

In the month of February, work continued on many fronts…

  • 11 blog posts (tying the number we had in January, even in a shorter month), including two more from Keith Byers (Scrolls of the Studios Sage), a blog carnival post about inspiring players, a pair of posts about dungeon design, plus some reports from my trip to Barcelona, Spain…
  • No new products unfortunately but I did get some work done on the next Moebius MacGuffins book – Blades!
  • Mazes & Perils saw a flurry of activity at the end of the month, updating the text to nearly 31,000 words, 72 pages, plus a bunch of new art and more. We’re going over the draft now and then hope to get it to a couple of editors to hack on soon so we stay on track!

So though I didn’t get a product out, I’m still hoping to average out to 12 product releases for the year. Keep an eye out in March for some fun things!

What’s coming next?

Pretty much the same priorities for March that I did in February:

  • Moebius MacGuffins #2: The Blade – the next in the MacGuffins series
  • The next draft of Mazes & Perils: Deluxe Edition – which I think will be pushing into 80+ pages soon
  • Some discussions with Keith about taking some of his ideas and turning them into products for the Spark product line
  • More content for the blog on a variety of topics from Keith and myself


How was the traffic?

I’m happy to say the trend continued with web traffic. We not only matched, but bested our January numbers slightly for the main site, though there was a dip in the old site.

  • Old blog – 225 page views and 174 unique visits
  • Main site – 996 page views and 719 unique visits
  • Totals – 1221 page views and 893 unique visits (dips of and about 7% and 4% respectively)

I think the traffic dips were due to my being gone for a couple of weeks and not actively managing sharing of post links through social media, but that’s just a guess. I’m hoping that March sees our numbers break 1000 page views on the main site for the first time EVER.


What about sales?

With no new products or sales going on in February, our numbers dropped slightly.

  • 98 downloads across DriveThru/RPGNow, Paizo, and the Open Gaming Store

I suspect with the GM’s Day Sale in March, we’ll see a slight bump.

Thank you!

As always, thank you for your support of Moebius Adventures games. My time writing is among my favorite time spent every day! So far this year has been a bit better production-wise and I hope it continues along that path. 🙂

Hope you had another great month of gaming!

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