Infinity Loop: The Shotgun Effect

In basic terms, the “Shotgun Effect” boils down to one simple thought: “More is better.” For the purposes of this article, let’s change that adage slightly and make it “More products are better.”

Moebius Logo 175x175When I restarted Moebius Adventures back in December 2012, my thought was to focus on a single product line – One Spot – and see how many of them I could produce in a year. Originally I was hoping for one every month or two, but it’s turned out to be every quarter. Though I’m still working on the next One Spot release (due out in December 2013 if all goes well), I’ve also been toying with some other product ideas as well.

Marketing is not my strong suit. I prefer to let my writing speak for itself, though I did recently score some opportunities to appear on a couple of podcasts (RPG Circus and Indie Talks) and three reviews ( one at DTRPG from Megan Robertson, one from Mike Bourke @ Campaign Mastery, and one from Rob Bondoni @ Destination RPG). But I suspect that having a larger catalog of choices might also increase the chances of purchase.

To that end, I have some ideas in the works. The first should come out next week as a Halloween-themed product (Little Spaces: Ghostly Effects) and the second should come out sometime in November (Brick by Brick: Doors). And there’s a third line that might come out after the first of the year if not before (LPC Fantasy Names I). Each of these has the potential to expand further into other areas if they’re received well. But my goal is to offer a variety of products, which gives my creativity a bit more room to roam as far as formats and topics go. (Keep in mind that release dates may change, but these rough dates are what I’m shooting for…)

If I offer a few different choices in different forms (via the proverbial shotgun), I can see what “sticks” and correct course accordingly. At least that’s the plan…

In 2014 I will also look at selling products via and the shop to broaden the store options a bit. Though I love the folks at OneBookShelf (DriveThruRPG & RPGNow), I hope to open the doors a bit wider to get the most exposure possible – thus firing the shotgun in a few directions at once. I even have an idea that may lend itself to a Kindle release at Amazon if I get my act together.

Will all of this work? Only time will tell. I hope to continue producing fun, useful, quality, system-neutral products for a long time to come. (As I’ve mentioned before, breaking even on some of those products would make it much easier for me to keep going. And don’t forget the price increase on One Spot products starting November 1st!)

I hope to keep you all in the loop as we go so that I take you all along for the ride! Let me know if these posts about my trials and tribulations as a small publisher are helpful and if you have any ideas – would love to hear them!


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