Infinity Loop: The Next Twelve Months (2014)

Amazing to consider that 2014 is right around the corner. And exactly a year ago, I restarted my efforts Moebius Adventures and began writing the One Spot series. Now I have ten products for sale (one Brick by Brick, three One Spot, and four Little Spaces, plus Moebius Adventures Core Rules and the Sample Adventure) via DriveThruRPG and have had more than 360 get downloaded over the course of the year.

The Story So Far…

In 2013, I released…

So how do I keep the ball rolling over the next twelve months?

I’ve been pondering that for a while now. Honestly I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants a bit, which has worked out so far. But I’d like to expand my options.

Keeping Things Rolling

To start, I’ll keep the product creation going. And though the titles may change, the goals likely won’t, especially if I get some writing help next year. Products in the design pipeline include:

  • LPC: Fantasy Names I2014
  • One Spot: The Reeve
  • One Spot: The Arcanists
  • One Spot: The Barber
  • Brick by Brick: Floors
  • More Little Spaces
  • A new “Encounters” series
  • A book of game-related essays from the last 8 years

Ultimately my hope is to have 10-12 new products out next year. Some are quite short, others are longer, so release dates will vary a bit.

Moebius Logo 175x175More Options

Though DriveThruRPG has been very good to me as a platform, I’m going to expand my distribution options in the new year as well, exploring:

Other than that, my goal is to keep doing what I’m doing… But that doesn’t mean I won’t be continuing to look for folks to write with and for. Maybe I’ll have other opportunities to write for Raging Swan Press. Perhaps there will be a joint project or two in the works with some other folks as well.

A Heartfelt Message

Honestly I couldn’t have done any of this without you nice people… So thank you for every comment, review, edit, and sale or download. May you all have a very happy holidays!

Join in the Fun!

And if you have some ideas for products, let me know. Want to write for Moebius Adventures? Let’s talk! Have ideas for improvements on existing products? Send them along!

Whether you think my products are the best thing since sliced bread or need to be thrown into a volcano, I want to hear from you!

Reach out at the Contact page and let’s talk!


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