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Happy 2014! Last week I looked back at 2013 and some of the great milestones we hit with Moebius Adventures. Quite honestly for the first year back publishing, I couldn’t be happier.

This week I want to talk about a few efforts underway to hopefully do a better job of getting capital where it needs to go in the new year.

OuroborosFirst, I’d like to announce the Moebius Adventures Patreon page. This is a new option for folks to contribute, guide, and benefit from Moebius products going forward. You can read the page for the gory details, but I hope to have a few patrons supporting the 12+ products on the horizon. I know Moebius is a small fish in the ocean of potential Patreon projects to support, but I hope I can earn your trust and encourage the back-and-forth a patron model supports.

What kinds of things can you expect to see in 2014? Well, here are a few of the products in the queue:

  • LPC Fantasy Names I
  • One Spot: The Reeve
  • Brick by Brick: Floors
  • Open Spaces (new product line)
  • Little Spaces: Dragon Hoards
  • Little Spaces: Ruins
  • Little Spaces: Taverns
  • and much more!

Next, Moebius Adventures products will be available on a couple of other stores starting in the middle of February 2014. So if you prefer the Paizo or d20pfsrd stores to DriveThruRPG or RPGNow, you can find our books there as well. I’m hopeful that by opening up into those markets we’ll get a bit more exposure, which will then feed future development and enable us to provide even bigger, better products for your use.

Lastly, my hope is that I can encourage a few folks to help make Moebius Adventures an even bigger operation. Perhaps in the new year there will be some new names writing a product or two? Are you interested? Drop me a line at info(at)moebiusadventures(dot)com and let’s talk about some ideas!

Honestly my goal is the same as it was when I started in 2013. Write. Share. Have fun. I’m happy that you’re here on the journey with me!

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