Infinity Loop – September 2015 Report

Wow… How did I get this far behind?

Let’s start with September 2015…

What did we get done?

Insta-NPCs-Crossover-Medieval-Market-coverNot a whole heck of a lot, I’m afraid. But we did release our first Crossover product in conjunction with DramaScape and a new bundle!

I had fun detailing each stall and its NPCs using Caveat Emptor and expanded on those NPCs, wrapping them up in one PDF for your perusal. The folks at DramaScape were fantastic and have been very supportive of this cross pollination of products – so please give them some love and check out their huge catalog at DriveThruRPG… It’s fantastic!

What’s coming up?

As I hinted at yesterday, we have a few things on the docket:

  • Summaries for September 2015 (this one) and October 2015 as far as sales, web traffic, and the usual suspects
  • Back to work on Revenge of the Serpent Queen (the Snakes series final chapter)
  • Back to work on my next project with Vince Florio (to be announced in early 2016)
  • A new “living” project I hope to kick off in the next couple of weeks that may lead to other similar projects
  • And I’m helping with AetherCon again this year! (Not doing all that well on that front, but we’ll talk about that in another post.)

Be sure to check out the AetherCon program – it has a ton of great interviews and much more!

So though I haven’t been super productive, I have a lot of irons in the fire anyway. 🙂

Web traffic

As you might imagine, web traffic was a bit split again between the old blog ( and the updated website.

At the old blog:

  • Page views: 352
  • Unique visits: 286
  • First time visits: 246
  • Returning visits: 32

And at the new site:

  • Page views: 488
  • Unique visits: 403
  • First time visits: 376
  • Returning visits: 27

Overall, traffic is down again… From 900 page views in August to 840 in September.

Sales and Such

Or “not so much” this month… We had 98 total downloads in September. The Crossover product was the most popular as a new release.

If you were one of the kind folks who purchased a copy, please let me know what you think. Was it useful? Did it help? Did you create anything cool with it? Inquiring minds want to know!

Thank you!

As always, thank you for your support of Moebius Adventures games. My time writing is among my favorite time spent every day and I hope to do more of it going forward and get back on track!

Hope you had another great month of gaming!

Stay tuned for the October report next…

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