Infinity Loop: September 2014 Report

Is it really October already? Where has the year gone?

september2014-web-traffic-statcounterSeptember flew by but we had a few new product releases as well as some solid sales, though web traffic seemed to be on a serious decline. Definitely have to do something about that.

But let’s start with that web traffic. We dropped from nearly 4,000 page views in August to only a little more than 1,000 page views in September. There was no bump from the #RPGaDay project last month, so that was part of it. We will see if my “31 Days of Halloween” project this month will make up for it as well as some other possibilities down the line.

Though that’s a bit concerning, sales-wise we seem to have hit a fairly solid pace, with slightly better sales numbers (boosted by some new releases) and exactly the same number of downloads as August, funny enough. With 231 downloads (DTRPG/RPGnow 77%, Paizo 20%, d20pfsrd 3%) we hit exactly the same download stats as last month and pretty close to the percentages as well.

Top sellers included:

  • The Insta-NPCs Bundle (7)
  • Insta-NPCs #6 (23)
  • and Little Spaces: Spacecraft (16)

Not surprising, since Insta-NPCs #6 and Little Spaces: Spacecraft were the two releases for the month (plus Little Spaces: Pirate Ships)! 🙂

All that activity brought us to 2312 downloads for the year so far. I’ll definitely take that!

This month I have some additional things in the works, including another science-fiction themed Little Spaces product and a new freebie in the works for newsletter subscribers. Don’t know about the newsletter? Sign up today (look for the sign-up with your e-mail on the right side)!

Plus, you may notice some new options for buying Moebius products scattered around the site. We have a new Store page, which links to the main page so you can purchase products right here. But never fear, all the products are still available at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, Paizo, and d20pfsrd. I’m just offering yet another option, which has better Facebook integration. Let me know what you think!

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