Infinity Loop: Picking a Direction

Welcome to the first in a new series of articles here focused on figuring out what’s next for Moebius Adventures. By walking through some of these decisions more deliberately and transparently, perhaps a path will become clear. 🙂

Moebius Logo 175x175Obviously I have some success with the One Spot series of supplements and want to keep those going. Mike Bourke @ Campaign Mastery recently wrote an amazing review of what’s been done so far, offering not only great feedback but suggestions on where to go next.

One of his big suggestions was to expand each one from two to three (or more) pages. That would not only offer more space to fill in details, but allows more white space in general for the layout to expand to potentially make each one easier to read. The relationship table that flows in the margin of the GM side, for example, would become much easier to read electronically if it were a more traditional top-to-bottom table. And the maps would also be better if a bit larger with more explanation by way of a key.

What do you think? Would you like to see one expanded to fill three or four pages to see how it might look?

Beyond that, I’ve been pondering what’s next as far as actual products (not revamps) for Moebius.

As far as the One Spot series goes, I’m toying with the idea of an issue focused on a local constable’s office – perhaps a local reeve and some associated NPCs who help on occasion, as well as details about a basic code of laws, punishments and fines, relationships with the local thieves’ guild, and some discussion of the traveling judges mentioned in Hand’s Goods. The map would focus on a small building with a jail cell or two. I’ll write more about this next week.

And as a side project, I’m pondering some brainstorming products for Halloween offering ways to describe haunted rooms or basements. For example, if you have an inn or home with a haunted room, perhaps it involves strange lights, noises, or physical manifestations that occur to scare off those who try to stay there. What do those effects look, feel, or sound like? This too will come up next week in another post so you can see what I have in mind…

That’s it for now. Thanks for tuning in. Please drop me a note if you have any feedback on what I’m considering next!

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2 thoughts on “Infinity Loop: Picking a Direction”

    1. @Mike – That’s a good question. I suspect that they travel by escort in a horse and carriage to carry a portable office of “legal materials” with them to reference for any given case. Some may rely entirely on their memory for such resources however. And I’m tinkering with the idea of including some “wildcard” judges in this supplement or a future one that involves an “Inquisition”-style judge called a Justicar who travels the land looking at the world entirely in black and white and punishing the guilty. Sort of a Punisher-style NPC. There are few of those though and the more traditional Judges are more likely to weigh in on a particular case…

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