Infinity Loop: October 2014 Report

Welcome back to the Loop! October was a fun month for Moebius Adventures, so there’s plenty to report!

First, my 31 Days of Halloween challenge was a big hit. It led not only to a few sales and much better web traffic, but more than 14,000 words over the course of 31 days – that’s an average of about 450 words a day, which makes a solid post every day for a month. So thank you to everybody who read some of the posts as well as to the good folks at Heroic Maps and their inspiring Haunted Mansion map. I’m not done with it yet, though my posts will slow down a bit. ūüôā

moebius-monthly-rpu-labels-area-last12months-thru-oct2014Second, web traffic took a great boost from some of the 31 Days posts that got some attention on StumbleUpon.¬†We hit more than 2900 page views and 2300 unique visits, with a split of about 1 in 5 visits being returning visitors. Apparently it pays to be a bit wordy from time to time. Nearly 1,000 of those visitors came from StumbleUpon, which as I’ve stated in the past is a bit of a mystery. But some of it also came from the nice folks at Heroic Maps retweeting a few posts.

The top 5 posts for the month were:

Third, we participated in two different sales this month.

There was the d20pfsrd FrightFest, which included the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts in Bundle #2. That sold 168 copies, which is phenomenal. It was at a reduced price, but that means many more eyeballs than have seen the product from the d20pfsrd site than ever before, plus some income, so I’m not complaining! The sale plus other downloads totaled 179 copies at d20pfsrd.

Then there was the Halloween sale at DriveThruRPG plus the usual suspects. We saw 143 sales (58% for pay, 42% for free).

We even had a few sales at Paizo – the most so far at 49, with 9 of those being for pay.

The grand total was 371 sales, which was the most since July! For the year, we almost hit 2700 downloads in October – and if you’re keeping score, that’s 700% of what was downloaded in 2013.

Little-Spaces-From-the-Moon-coverWe only had one release in October –¬†Essential Questions: Magic Users, which is a¬†Spark release – and I tried something different with this one. It’s only a handful of pages and doesn’t include tables (just a few bullet lists), so I converted it to Amazon Kindle format and released it on the Amazon store. I think it turned out pretty well, though even with a bit of press release magic it hasn’t achieved any attention. I’m just happy to have something up on Amazon again!

So what’s coming up for November?

  • Product releases.¬†Little Spaces: From the Moon… comes out today, so pick up your copy! I’m working on¬†Insta-NPCs: Damsels in Distress for release later this month and there is a big announcement coming at AetherCon, so get ready for that!
  • Did I mention AetherCon? I’m participating this year. Both George Fields and I will be at the¬†Moebius Adventures Q&A (I’ll share a link when I have it) and then I’ll be moderating two panels – Non-Monster Monsters and Villainy: The Fine Art of Moustache Twisting¬†both with some fantastic participants from all around the RPG industry. I’m very excited!
  • And who knows what else?

As always, thank you for being a part of the Moebius loop! Without you I’d probably still be writing, but wouldn’t be nearly this excited about the possibilities!!

Check us out at AetherCon online later in the month and have a great month of gaming!


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