Infinity Loop: November 2014 Report

As I find myself in the headlong rush towards the end-of-year holidays, I must take a breath and look back at the November that just happened. And I discover that I really don’t have much to complain about. Sales boomed along again, I had fun participating in AetherCon, and though web traffic dropped again, it’s all looking quite rosy at the moment.

moebius-november-2014-web-trafficLet’s start with declining web traffic. Honestly, I suspected it would take a precipitous drop when I stopped posting every day as I did in October. I was back to one or two posts a week, which is a far cry from 31 posts the previous month. We went from 2900+ page views in October to 850+ in November (2300+ unique visits to 608). Am I put off by those numbers? Only a little.

Marketing-wise I helped out with AetherCon on November 15th, moderating a few panels and with Moebius Adventures being the subject of one moderated by Rite Publishing’s own Steve Russell.

I’ll be sure to post links to some of the videos the AetherCon crew are making available as they show up… The first of those was Villainy – The Fine Art of Moustache Twisting, featuring Jason Bulmahn (Paizo), Stephen Chenault (Troll Lord Games) and Marker Jones (United Sight Studios). After listening to Jason, I think I’ll have to insert a villainous rooster in my next campaign. 🙂

aethercon_logo_2014-250Honestly it was an honor to be asked to help and I was happy to do so. Not only did I get to talk to folks like Tim Kask and Steven Russell, but the Moebius Adventures name got out into the aether and perhaps gained a minute amount of the gaming community mindshare. We will see how it goes.

And now let’s get to sales… A few things worth noting:

First, there were a few sale events in November at DTRPG. I even did a focused Black Friday sale, which helped a bit. And the DTRPG community accounted for nearly 90% of total sales for the month. Next up was Paizo with 9% of the sales (mostly free downloads, which is great).

Second, I did something funky releasing Open Spaces: In the Fields… the Monday before Thanksgiving as a Pay What You Want product. I didn’t tell anybody it was there – I just put it up at DTRPG (still not up anywhere else yet) to see what happened. I had sales almost immediately. I sent out a note about it a couple of days later and it was definitely the hottest product in my catalog with 87 downloads and a few dollars in profit.

Though I probably won’t put every Open Spaces product out there as PWYW, I think that may be the trend going forward for the first product in a series to gauge interest.

open-spaces-in-the-fields-coverOverall we had 364 sales in November, which is phenomenal. That is nearly the same number as last month and pushes Moebius over the 3,000 download mark for 2014. I am very happy about that!

We released three products in November 2014 bringing us to a total of 37 products (including the old Core Rules and Sample Adventure books) in two years:

  • Little Spaces: From the Moon…
  • Insta-NPCs #7: Damsels in Distress
  • Open Spaces: In the Fields…

So to all of you who paid for products or downloaded freebies, thank you thank you thank you. 🙂 Please write a review if you get a chance!

Hopefully your mad dash to the end of the year includes some gaming, so best of luck with your December!

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