Infinity Loop: November 2013 Report

Greetings from the Loop! Or perhaps it’s more of a Whorl? Or a Lemniscate? Perhaps I should just change it to the Ouroboros and call it good?

OuroborosIt’s time for a quick run-down of how Moebius Adventures did in November 2013. So it’s a numbers post. If numbers aren’t your thing, you might just want to tune out until the next post. 🙂

Sales-wise we had a fantastic month.

  • Brick by Brick: Doors sold 11 copies
  • Little Spaces: Fancy Meals sold 8 copies
  • Little Spaces: Ghostly Effects sold 2 copies
  • Little Spaces: Scary Basements sold 2 copies
  • and we gave away quite a few copies of Moebius Adventures Core Rules (7 copies, 1 sale), the Core Rules Sample Adventure (10 copies), and One Spot #0: Hand’s Goods (5 copies).

That’s a total of 46 copies downloaded through OBS (RPGNow/DriveThruRPG/etc.) for $29.40 in gross sales and $20.58 in earnings.

It may not seem like much, but that’s the best month yet by a long shot. So thank you to everybody who purchased a product big or small! If you bought a copy, I’d love any feedback you may have – either as a review at DTRPG or through comments on the blog or even direct e-mails. Give me a shout and let me know what you liked or didn’t. I promise I’m listening!

Traffic-wise, the Moebius Adventures site itself had a good boost as well. We saw 1,100+ page views and nearly 900 unique visits. That’s the best month of traffic ever for the site, which is awesome.

In raw numbers for 2013, our totals are:

  • One Spot #0: Hand’s Goods (Free): 247 copies
  • One Spot #1: The Painted Man (Paid): 13 copies – 11 paid, 2 review
  • One Spot #2: Angar’s Magic Shoppe (Paid): 11 copies – 7 paid, 4 review
  • Little Spaces: Ghostly Effects (Paid): 10 copies – 9 paid, 1 review
  • Little Spaces: Scary Basements (Paid): 9 copies – 8 paid, 1 review
  • Little Spaces: Fancy Meals (Paid): 9 copies – 8 paid, 1 review
  • Brick by Brick: Doors (Paid): 11 copies – 9 paid, 2 review
  • Moebius Adventures Core Rules (Pay What You Want): 9 copies – 2 paid, 7 free
  • Moebius Adventures Core Rules Sample Adventure (Free): 26 copies

I’m happy to see the Core Rules book getting some downloads. It was a labor of love. Definitely not perfect by any stretch (not that any of these products are), but I hope someone gets some use out of it. I’m thinking of putting the Moebius Adventures: Age of Phaedrus book up as a “Pay What You Want” product in 2014. It has some fun ideas that could be mined as well.

What’s still coming in 2013 or 2014:

  • LPC Names: Fantasy I (possible)
  • Little Spaces: Shipwrecks (possible)
  • One Spot #3: The Reeve (possible)
  • Brick by Brick: Floors (2014)

Not sure what I’ll get done with the holidays crashing all around us, but we’ll see.

Like I said last time, as with most RPG developers my goal isn’t to make a bazillion dollars. My goal is to produce great products and make enough money to keep making more great products. This is a labor of love, but there are costs associated as I’ve talked about before.

So all of that out of the way, I have the same questions for you I asked last month if you’re a customer or a fellow RPG publisher perusing this site.

If you’re using Moebius products…

  1. Would you consider becoming a patron of my work at Moebius Adventures through Patreon? Or purchasing a subscription to One Spot or Little Spaces to receive them on a more frequent basis?
  2. What subjects would you like to see explored via the One Spot and Little Spaces product lines? What are you in need of as far as drop-in-locations or encounter inspiration for your campaigns?
  3. If you’ve purchased products, what do you think of them? Any comments? Criticism? Praise? Suggestions? Reviews are always welcome!
  4. If you’re another small RPG publisher, would you consider working on a joint project? I’m definitely up to chat about some collaboration!

Feel free to leave any and all responses as comments in the blog or privately via the Contact page.

And thanks for continuing to support my efforts via Moebius Adventures!

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1 thought on “Infinity Loop: November 2013 Report”

  1. Fantastic news! I am so happy to see your distribution numbers going up. I’m extremely excited to see you are covering your costs as well! This is a huge step my friend. Thank you so much for sharing your numbers. I really enjoy these posts and I am a firm believer that there is always something to learn when somebody is nice enough to share their business progress like this. Keep on keepin’ on. I’m loving the ride!

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