Infinity Loop: May 2016

Yes, I know we’re halfway through June already – but I have been playing catch up after a week on vacation. 🙂

What did we do in May?

We prepped and tweaked and tweaked and prepped for the big Mazes & Perils Deluxe release in June. That’s really it.

And we had some cool blog posts. 🙂

Hopefully you’ll find a few fun things in there to inspire some fun in your own games!

What’s up next?

June! We’re halfway through it and it’s been VERY exciting so far. I can hardly wait to talk about all the cool things that happened! 🙂

What about the traffic?

We seem to have dropped off a bit with traffic in May, even farther than April.


  • Old Blog – 184 page views, 151 unique visits, 142 first time visits, and 9 returning visits.
  • New site – 695 page views, 484 unique visits, 403 first time visits, and 81 returning visits.
  • Totals = 879 page views, 635 unique visits, 545 first time visits, and 90 returning visits.
  • Last month – 1192 page views, 966 unique visits, 823 first time visits, and 143 returning visits.

That’s a drop off of about 25% from last month. But as you’ll see in the next Infinity Loop, traffic started to rise a bit.

And what about sales?

Not many I’m afraid. As I’ve mentioned before, with no new products going out there’s been little stimulus for you nice folks to buy anything.

We had 56 total downloads, which brought us to 492 for the year up to that point. To give you some context, we had 802 by this same time last year, so we definitely need a kick in the pants. As you’ll see next month – we got that in a big way with Mazes & Perils Deluxe!

Thank you!

Thanks for your patience as I work through some of these longer projects. And, as always, thank you for being a fan of Moebius Adventures. I appreciate every page view and product download, so thanks for your continued support! Hopefully our products aid your games in some fantastic way!

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