Infinity Loop – May 2015

May 2015 is over. Hard to believe. I’m not quite sure where 2015 is going in such a hurry.

What I do know is that the numbers for Moebius Adventures are tumbling a bit, and that’s largely because it was again not the most productive month on record, not to mention the fact that I was slammed by home and work so I was a bit distracted. Having a family and a job does that sometimes, or so I hear. šŸ˜‰

I never did get a crazy sale out for my birthday this year, so maybe we’ll have one around July 4th – Independence Day – instead. I’ll keep you posted!

What We Got Done

the-purple-lotus-cover-smallRight before Memorial Day (May 19, 2015) we finally were able to releaseĀ The Purple Lotus. This is the latest adventure in theĀ Lost Age Adventures series and the first where Vince was the primary writer. We changed things up and used a nicer format. We commissioned several pieces of fantastic art from artists Peter Saga, Jason “Banditt” Adams, and my daughter Mickey Fitzpatrick. My mother – the retired English teacher and proofreader – edited the book for us.

I think it turned out fantastic. We have a great cover (with some fantastic feedback from other RPG designers – thank you folks, especially Guntis) and the interior turned out great. It looks so good I’m waiting to see how a printed, softcover version looks when it gets here from DriveThruRPG and Lightning Source.

So I’m very pleased to have that adventure done and out the door.

Upcoming Projects

So what’s next?

I’m back to working onĀ Insta-NPCs #9: Cults and Cultists with some great help from Kenny Norris of That book is in draft now, weighing in about 8 pages and nearly 3,000 words. I’m guessing we’ll get it closer to 4,000 and be done.

Then we have the third adventure in line with TheĀ Snake’s HeartĀ andĀ Serpents Below. This one will end with a doozy of a battle featuring a fearsome creature I already have art for from artist Del Teigeler. He did a fantastic job, so I’m looking forward to showing that off.

After that, I’m not sure where I’ll go, but I have been in some exciting discussions with a couple of folks about some new efforts so we’ll see where we end up!

I’m also consulting with a web expert – Bill Moran – so we’ll see how the main Moebius Adventures website looks after we get done with it!

May Web Traffic

For May, our web traffic for the blog dipped a bit further as far as the number of unique visits but was fairly constant with the number of page views. (Stats courtesy of



And the web traffic for the main site also dropped off a bit (141 page views in April to 104 in May and 119 unique visits in April to 86 in May). I’m hopeful that with some web page updates and a bit of elbow grease we can improve numbers for June.

Our top five articles were:

Sales and Such

This is where we took the biggest hit this month. We went from 220 total downloads in April 2015 to 130 in May 2015. That’s a drop of nearly 10%. Of those downloads…

  • 80% of them were through OneBookShelf (DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and their other affiliates)
  • 20% was through Paizo (all freebies except for one)

As far as individual titles, our top 4Ā for the month of May were:

For 2015 so far we’re at 942 downloads. This is way down from last year – only about 1/3 the total in 2014. So I really need to figure out some better marketing techniques – and stat!

Thank you!

Just like last month, Iā€™m still having a ton of fun even if my productivity has dropped, so thank you for continuing to support our efforts!

Stay tuned for more adventures and more creativity tools and may you have another great month of gaming!!


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