Infinity Loop – March 2016

Welcome to the latest report of what’s going on at Moebius Adventures. March 2016 was an interesting month on a number of fronts… So let’s see how we did.

What did we do?

Like with February, I’m afraid we didn’t release anything new. However, Vince and I made some good progress on Mazes & Perils Deluxe – so that was good! Still shooting for a May release and I think we’ll make it! It’s holding pretty steady about 75 pages and I’ve been looking at getting it ready for Print-on-Demand as both a softcover and a hardcover.

Here are a few images from the book:

I have the book out to a couple of people now for proofreading/editing and Erik Tenkar over at Tenkar’s Tavern has taken a liking to it – so hopefully we’re doing something right. 🙂

Beyond that we also had a few good posts along the way (10 of them):

I’m hopeful we can announce availability of Mazes & Perils soon!

What’s up next?

Like I said last month, Moebius MacGuffins: Blades is still in the works. I’ve been working on various sections of the book, detailing the type of the blade, its origin and owner, how they may have lost it or how it may have been destroyed, and any notable properties the blade may hold. You’ll see more about the blade properties later this week in another post.

So work is continuing! And I hope to get past the mental log jam with Revenge of the Serpent Queen featuring art from Del Teigeler. The Queen deserves to be set free and I have had the art for almost a year! I may be picking the brain of a couple of GMs I know to see if I can get through this and release her to the world.

How was the traffic?

moebius-march-2016-trafficI’m happy to say that traffic continues to climb month after month. We had our first month ever topping 1,000 hits!

  • Old Blog – 237 page views, 172 unique visits, 12 first time visits, 1 returning visit
  • New Site – 1096 page views, 760 unique visits, 622 first time visits, 138 returning visits
  • Totals – 1333 page views, 932 unique visits, 634 first time visits, and 139 returning visits

That’s about a 9% increase from February to March!

So far this year we’re averaging over 1,000 page views a month. Last year I had one extraordinary month where I had 4,000 hits – but otherwise averaged about 700 hits a month. I’m excited by this upward trend!

What about sales?

This month with GM’s Day sales going on, we actually did pretty well – with 167 downloads, bringing us up to 375 downloads for the year. Still lagging a bit behind 2015, but catching up.

The Insta-NPCs series continues to be our best seller to date with 68 of the total downloads. And we added the TableTop Library store to the mix, with a single sales of The Purple Lotus. Eventually we’ll get more products up there, but for now it’s just when time allows.

We’re getting there. Staying in the mix!

Thank you!

I have to say that I am enthusiastic about the trend of our traffic rising up and to the right… And I’m looking forward to releasing Mazes & Perils Deluxe into the wild!

As always, thank you for being a fan of Moebius Adventures! We appreciate every view and hope you continue to tag along for the ride!

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2 thoughts on “Infinity Loop – March 2016”

  1. Keith / Fisaidaid

    It is nice to be a part of something and helping out while learning to be more effective yet.

    Thanks Brian for giving me a shot!

    1. MoebiusAdventures

      @Keith – You’re doing awesome. I’m happy to have you on board! 🙂 And we’ll get going on your product probably in the next month or so – whether that’s your adventure idea or the attitudes/alignments project. 🙂

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