Infinity Loop: March 2014 Report

Wow. Just wow. That sums up March pretty well for Moebius Adventures.

Best. Month. Ever.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Amazing web traffic. A ton of product sales. And we’re chugging into April with a 20+ page draft in the works for the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts!

Let’s break this down a little. A couple of months ago we did a site redesign and took a look at headline construction. Honestly, I’m not very good at headlines but I’ve become a little better thanks to stealing headline ideas from Cosmopolitan. And one of those headlines – “Four Things to Make Your Monsters More Monstrous” – was picked up on the Reddit/RPG board. It went nuts. I ended up with 3400+ page views and 3250 unique visits on March 21st. That was more hits than I had in my best MONTH with the site, so I was blown away.

March 2014 web traffic

More than 6,000 page views in March and nearly 5,200 unique visitors made March a huge month for us. So thank you indyjoe on reddit/r/rpg!

But beyond that, the GM’s Day Sale at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow went really well and we’re also starting to see some sales at Paizo and d20pfsrd. We had 146 sales at DTRPG/RPGnow, 31 sales at Paizo, and 4 sales at d20pfsrd over the course of the month. That amounted to more than $100 in gross sales. If you’re keeping score, that’s nearly twice as much as we made from our publishing efforts in all of 2013.

The exciting part of that number is that we’ve broken even on new art costs and are almost breaking even for all external costs for the year so far(~$112). The biggest new expense in 2014 is the $19.95 a month I’m paying for an InDesign membership, so we’ll see how that goes over the next few months. My hope is that I can continue to invest in unique art for our major products.

As I keep repeating over and over again… My goal is NOT to make a billion dollars doing this. But it would be great if my publishing efforts paid for themselves, so I’m excited to be approaching that break even point.

As far as product releases in March went, we produced:

We released LPC Fantasy Names I in January and LPC Fantasy Names II in February, so with 7 products released in 3 months we’re on a roll!

That will slow down some this month as I work on the first Big Book, but then I have another wave of Little Spaces planned, a new Brick by Brick, and possibly a One Spot if the stars align over the next few months. So lots of work in the queue!

But I am very excited to see where the rest of the year takes us. Again – thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support this past month!

Please leave feedback on any products you may have picked up – good or bad – wherever you purchased it from. Let me know how you’re using the products and what you’d like to see more of (or less). I want to hear from you!


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