Infinity Loop: July 2014 and Pricing

Hard to believe that July is over and we’re gaining speed on the downhill to the end of the year… Where’d the first half of the year go?

Anyway, it’s time for some stats! For those of you uninterested in the numbers behind Moebius, so here’s a Guardians of the Galaxy trailer to keep you busy…

So how’d Moebius Adventures do in July?

Unfortunately, web traffic has dropped for the fourth month in a row. We’ve been on a slide since March. Down from 1893 page views and 1423 unique visits in June to less than 1500 page views and 1040 unique visits in July.

I suspect I need to do more with content marketing and I’ve fallen down in that area. Not one of my strong suits. I’ve signed up for a free Online Marketing course from New Rainmaker to see if that helps any. We shall see.

But on the sales side, it was another great month. The DriveThruRPG “Christmas in July” sale helped some, as did the release of a trio of new products – Insta-NPCs #4: Henchmen and Minions, Little Spaces: Burial Mounds, and Insta-NPCs #5: Prisoners and Escapees. We even had a handful of sales at the Paizo and d20pfsrd stores.

Downloads are down slightly from June (432 total downloads) to 398 total downloads. But it’s the fourth straight month where we’ve had fairly consistent numbers in the mid-300s to mid-400s however, so I’m ecstatic. (About 1850 downloads on the year so far, which is phenomenal considering that in 2012 and 2013 combined I had 407 total downloads !!)

That however brings me to pricing. I’ve been sort of all over the place in the last couple of years with pricing and have finally settled on a general scheme…

  • 1-7 pages = $1.00
  • 8-13 pages = $1.25
  • 14-20 pages = $1.50
  • 21+ = $2.00 or more
  • Lots of art or compilation product? $2.00 – $3.99

All but 5 of the nearly 30 products I have available are $1.25 or less (many are free). I suspect that the majority of Moebius products will stay in that price range for the foreseeable future, which I think is quite reasonable. As I’ve said since the beginning, I’m not really in this for the money – but Moebius has to be relatively self-sustaining. And this year it’s proven to be just that. I think having a larger back catalog has really made the difference.

So there you have it. Short and sweet. I’m still very excited to see what comes next for Moebius and that’s amazing after nearly 2 years back in the saddle.

Do you have any feedback on any Moebius products? Please please please send it along. I LOVE feedback. Even if you absolutely hate something, let me know.

Do you have a site that runs reviews? Want a review copy? Let’s chat!

But that’s it for this month… Back next month with more numbers! Thanks for all the support of Moebius Adventures- now go forth and GAME!

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