Infinity Loop: February 2014 Report

Hard to believe February has come and gone already. Crazy how fast the year is zipping by! That just means it’s time for the second monthly report of 2014 for Moebius Adventures.

All things being unequal, it was a pretty good month. Sales did pretty well. Web traffic is hanging fairly steady. And I came up with a plan for some new work (and old) that I’m doing.

Let’s start with sales this time.

February 2014 Sales


So far this year:

  1. Brick by Brick: Doors – 1 sold (1 review copy)
  2. Little Spaces: Ghostly Effects – 1 sold
  3. Little Spaces: Scary Basements – 1 sold
  4. Little Spaces: Shipwrecks – 2 sold
  5. LPC Fantasy Names I – 5 sold
  6. LPC Fantasy Names II – 4 sold
  7. Moebius Adventures Core Rules – 14 free downloads, 1 sale (pay what you want)
  8. Moebius Adventures Core Rules Sample Adventure – 6 downloads
  9. One Spot #0: Hand’s Goods – 12 downloads

That’s all through OneBookShelf – so RPGNow and DTRPG.

But we now have products available at Paizo and the d20PFSRD store! All the Moebius products should be available soon if they’re not there already. We’ll see how sales go there now that we’re spread all over!

That said, if you have a chance, I have a request if you’re a Moebius customer.

REQUEST: If you have purchased any Moebius products… Can you please write up a review and post it at DTRPG, Paizo, and the d20PFSRD stores? Even if it’s just a star rating – every little bit helps. Love it, like it, or hate it – I would love the feedback. So please share it! You can click on the icons for the three stores near the top of the right column of the site and I would be eternally grateful.

As far as web traffic goes, I’m averaging about 1000 page views a month for the last four months, so I’m happy. That means that folks are sticking around to read some of what I’ve been writing!

The three most popular articles in February were:

  1. Encounter Design: A Couple of Examples of Story Seeds
  2. Story Seeds Design: A Polti Plots Approach
  3. Encounters Design: How Many Columns?



Though it’s dropped off a little from the crazy month I had from StumbleUpon back in January, I think the website redesign has made a difference in keeping folks at the site longer. Have any feedback on the design? Be sure to leave me a comment or drop me a note!

Lastly, I have a plan. Yes, you read that right. Scary, isn’t it?

Little Spaces has been a fun series to write. So I’m coming up with more titles in that product line and will be producing compilation products that bring related spaces together. These compiled products will not only offer more choices, but additional tables and examples to pull from for your own games.

So February 2014 was a pretty good month. I’m looking forward to seeing how March goes when I release multiple Little Spaces products and the first compilation product at the beginning of April!

Thanks for reading and let’s keep chugging through the year!

Do you have feedback? Let me know what you think!

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