Infinity Loop: Endeavors New and Old

Time for another trip down the Möbius strip… Last time I talked a bit about where I want to go with the One Spot series. And I’m still on track with that process. Earlier this week I discussed a bit about the direction I want to go with that line and what’s on the horizon. (If you haven’t chimed in, please do! You can find it here.)

Moebius Logo 175x175Now however I want to talk about a couple of other product lines I’m noodling over.

One of the things I do frequently is come up with tables to help me rattle things loose in my brain to generate creative descriptions. And the other is come up with lists of names to use when I need them. And based on the success of Ennead Games and Lee’s Lists I’m thinking I’m going to occasionally dabble in that arena as well.

An offshoot of that will be a couple of new products I hope to release in October in time for Halloween. One will offer a collection of details for describing a haunted room with specific effects. And the other will describe all those creepy things you find in basements featured in horror movies.

If you want an example, here’s a quick d10 table for describing some creepy paranormal activity in a room or house:

Creepy EFFECTs (d10)

  1. Bleeding Walls
  2. Moving chair
  3. Spinning/Stopped Clock
  4. Ghost lights
  5. Creaking floor
  6. Footsteps
  7. Chills
  8. Seeing your breath
  9. Breath on neck
  10. Ghostly laughter

I’m pondering breaking the list up into multiple tables featuring auditory, physical, visual, and personal effects to mix things up a bit.

The other thing I’m pondering comes from some of my many drives to and from soccer events for my kids.

You may or may not have known that I’ve been writing off-and-on over at The Iron Tavern. Well, one of my articles was about using license plates as name generators. I’ve been using that technique for a while now to come up with lists of names I can use at the game table or when I’m hunting for some inspiration while I’m writing. And I’ve decided that I’m going to release a series of supplements offering 100 names each based on this technique. Hopefully the first of these will come out in October sometime, but they’ll get out when they’re ready.

Here are ten names from that list to whet your appetite:

Random Fantasy Names (D10)

  1. Olear
  2. Tup
  3. Tuck
  4. Took
  5. Maxon
  6. Kaz
  7. Neryx
  8. Rizid
  9. Xhun
  10. Coventry

The next One Spot won’t be out until the end of the year, but in the meantime I can do this other work. None of it detracts from my continuing the One Spot series, but I like the idea of putting out a few other small projects to help folks out while I’m at it.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Mediocre idea?

Leave suggestions below!

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2 thoughts on “Infinity Loop: Endeavors New and Old”

  1. I have a love-hate relationship with lists that will be the subject of a future article at campaign mastery (possibly within the next 24 hours!). Using them as an index to more detailed entries? Excellent. Using two of them cross-referanced to compound the number of combinations as a whatever-generator the way Johnn did with his generator articles at CM, eg I’ve Been Framed – even better. But lists used on their own suffer from three massive problems – limited entries, entry depletion, and the need to reread all the entries every time you try to cherry-pick results. The last two problems are solvable with various degrees of difficulty, but that still leaves the biggest problem of all – the list format itself. I’m not sure that limitation can be overcome without a degree of cleverness and creativity that would be in opposition to the concept you propose of quick products. In a nutshell, I’m not sure that they would offer sufficient percieved value-for-money to make them viable. Of course, it all depends on the speed with which you can crank them out and the price you intend to charge, but I’m not entirely convinced. (When I post the article on Lists I’ll include a linkback to this page so that the ideas offered are at least on your radar).

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