Infinity Loop: End of October 2013 Report

Once a month from now on I hope to report on the state of Moebius Adventures. And this is the first of those reports. So if you’re uninterested in such minutiae, I recommend you tune out now but I hope you’ll stick around to the end and provide some feedback on a few questions.

Or watch this cute video of a baby giggle crazily about ripping paper…

Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

Still here? Let’s get into some details…

Moebius is now selling five different products: one free and four for pay. And here’s where we’re at sales-wise for the month of October…

  • One Spot #0: Hand’s Goods continues to do well as the freebie, with 10 downloads.
  • One Spot #1: The Painted Man sold 4 copies.
  • One Spot #2: Angar’s Magic Shoppe sold 4 copies and gave 1 review copy away.
  • Little Spaces: Ghostly Effects sold 6 copies and gave 1 review copy away.
  • Little Spaces: Scary Basements sold 6 copies and gave 1 review copy away.

moebisu-logo-OLD-STYLE03_175px175pAll together, 28 copies were sold or given away, which is the best month of the year so far in terms of actual sales. I don’t think it hurt that the Little Spaces supplements were on sale for 50% off through Halloween.

In raw numbers for 2013, our totals are:

  • One Spot #0: Hand’s Goods (Free): 242 copies
  • One Spot #1: The Painted Man (Paid): 13 copies – 11 paid, 2 review
  • One Spot #2: Angar’s Magic Shoppe (Paid): 11 copies – 7 paid, 4 review
  • Little Spaces: Ghostly Effects (Paid): 7 copies – 6 paid, 1 review
  • Little Spaces: Scary Basements (Paid): 7 copies – 6 paid, 1 review

What’s still coming out in 2013?

  • Brick by Brick: Doors (next week!)
  • LPC Names: Fantasy I
  • Little Spaces: Shipwrecks (possible)
  • One Spot #3: The Reeve (possible)
  • plus other things in the works

All things being unequal, I’m quite pleased with the progress of the Moebius Adventures reboot. I’ve had some positive response to these products and am having a good time pulling them together.

That said…

Today (November 1st), prices go up on all of the paid products a little bit (as I mentioned back on October 11). The One Spot line will go from $1.50 to $2.99. And the sale on Little Spaces will end, bumping the price on those from $0.50 to $1.00.

These aren’t exorbitant price hikes (I hope) and will help me reach a state of equilibrium a bit more quickly where I’m not operating at such severe losses. Plus we will see how the price change affects the bottom line as I continue to put out new products on a more frequent basis. And you can see those numbers when I do this same kind of reporting at the end of November.

As with most RPG developers, my goal isn’t to make a bazillion dollars. My goal is to produce great products and make enough money to keep making more great products. This is a labor of love, but there are costs associated as I’ve talked about before.

So all of that out of the way, I have some questions for you if you’re a customer or a fellow RPG publisher perusing this site.

If you’re using Moebius products…

  1. Would you consider becoming a patron of my work at Moebius Adventures through Patreon? Or purchasing a subscription to One Spot or Little Spaces to receive them on a more frequent basis?
  2. What subjects would you like to see explored via the One Spot and Little Spaces product lines? What are you in need of as far as drop-in-locations or encounter inspiration for your campaigns?
  3. If you’ve purchased products, what do you think of them? Any comments? Criticism? Praise? Suggestions?
  4. If you’re another small RPG publisher, would you consider working on a joint project? Perhaps I can write up an adventure or location description based on one of your maps? Or you could design a map around one of my products? I’m definitely up to chat about some collaboration!

Feel free to leave any and all responses as comments in the blog or privately via the Contact page.

And thanks for continuing to support my efforts via Moebius Adventures!

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