Infinity Loop – December 2014 and End of Year Report

Has it really been a year? Holy cow. This is the last update for 2014 and a look at the year as a whole. And it’s been an amazing year.

At the beginning of 2013, I had 17 products. At the end of 2014 I have 40. And they’re available not only at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow but Paizo, d20pfsrd, Amazon, and the Selz store.

2014-2015In 2013, I had 384 total downloads. In 2014, I had more than 3300 – that’s 860% growth. And in December, 80% of my sales were at DTRPG/RPGNow and Paizo and d20pfsrd accounted for about 10% each (Selz is a distant 4th and Amazon with zero sales is a very distant 5th).

And when you factor in income numbers, that also rose by nearly 9x in 2014 and I’m in the black for the year.

Here’s the numbers for 2013 and it just blows my mind when I compare then to now.

These numbers  for 2014 are insane. And I have all of you nice folks to thank for that!! I’m unlikely to see similar growth in 2015, but I hope to continue doing what I’ve been doing – releasing products every few weeks and hopefully working on some longer ideas, including some system-neutral adventures. There may even be a Kickstarter if I can get my act in gear.

As far as the most popular products of the year (if you eliminate the freebies), the top five were:

Apparently I need to work on more Insta-NPCs products in 2015!

Again – thank you, thank you, thank you – for all the folks who have taken a look at Moebius Adventures’ products. Also, thank you George Fields for writing the most successful One Spot product in 2014!

I also have to thank the nice folks at DriveThruRPG, Paizo, d20pfsrd, and AetherCon for putting up with me this year, along with the great folks who did reviews or interviews.

So I wish you all the best in 2015 and I hope to keep chugging right along!

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2 thoughts on “Infinity Loop – December 2014 and End of Year Report”

    1. @Rob – Thanks!! It was a great year – one that will be hard to top. 🙂

      As for 2015, I’m toying with a few ideas now. Honestly I have to see what time is going to allow this year, but I hope to explore some old worlds in new ways and possibly launch a Kickstarter project for a printed book in the middle of 2016. We shall see!

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