Infinity Loop: August 2016

Greetings from the loop!

What did we do in August?

Good question. It went by in a flash!

First, we managed to release two products:

So far we’ve sold about a dozen copies of The Brigade and nearly twice that for Howling Mines. We haven’t seen any reviews or chatter about either one yet, but hopefully the folks who grabbed copies will enjoy the adventures! We had fun writing them. ūüôā

We also managed a full month of blog posts again…

That’s nearly a dozen posts with some new content to contemplate as well as a couple of product releases in there too.

It was a good month!

What’s up next?

More of the same! This month we have a couple of class books for Mazes & Perils we’re working on:

  • The Holy Knight¬†– a new class that combines some aspects of Clerics with those of the Fighting Man
  • The Charlatan¬†– a new class that takes the Thief and gives him some new magical abilities

We’ll get the Holy Knight out to you by the end of September and keep chugging away on new content in the meantime. I have a long list of ideas to explore and Vince and Keith both do as well!

What about the traffic?

After we blew things out of the water in June, we hit a bit of a slump in July and August.

  • Old Blog ‚Äď 123¬†page views, 103 unique visits, 94 first time visits, and 9 returning visits.
  • New site ‚Äď 823 page views, 597 unique visits, 489 first time visits, and 108 returning visits.
  • Totals = 946¬†page views, 700¬†unique visits, 583 first time visits, and 117 returning visits.
  • Last month ‚Äď1030¬†page views, 766¬†unique visits, 578¬†first time visits, and 188¬†returning visits.

We’re a bit better than our May numbers, but not nearly where we were in June. But I think I’ll stop tracking the old blog and adding it here. All new content is going to the new site, so it seems silly to continue.

August 2016 Web Traffic (Statcounter)

And what about sales?

Though sales have slacked off a bit from July (and far off from June), we had a decent month with more than 100 downloads at the One Book Shelf (DriveThru, RPGNow), Paizo, and Open Gaming Store sites.

The Howling Mines of Khegek definitely was our best seller for the month, with our freebie Insta-NPCs #0 and The Brigade not too far behind.

If you have grabbed a copy of any Moebius Adventures products in the last few months, we’d love to hear from you. Write a review. Give us a rating. Drop us an e-mail with suggestions on how to make our stuff better! Ultimately we’d like to know what you liked and what you didn’t!

Thank you!

We’re still here! Thanks to all of you who visit the website and continue to buy our products, so thank you!

We hope your August was full of great gaming and your September is too!

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